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Bee Campus USA Annual Conservation By the Numbers Renewal Report
Thank you for completing this annual update by January 31 each year! The information you supply is invaluable in determining Bee Campus USA's impact on reversing pollinator declines. While the only information we intend to make public is the aggregated information from all affiliates, the information you supply enables us to track our progress in pollinator conservation, to communicate that progress to the public, and to apply for financial support. We deeply appreciate the effort it takes on your part to complete these reports, and encourage you to provide your best estimates.

Please note that we have tried to provide a place for ALL Bee Campus USA affiliate achievements. Therefore, there will probably be many questions that are not applicable to your campus, which is fine. Affiliates meet their commitments in very creative and diverse ways.

Due to our new partnership with Monarch Joint Venture in 2017, we have added specific questions about monarch education and milkweed.


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