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Application to Perform at the 6th World Mouth Harp Festival of India
*** UPDATE ***
We have a few remaining slots available for bands and/or solo Mouth Harpists to perform at our upcoming festival on 9-11 February 2018.
Please fill out an application IMMEDIATELY if you still wish to participate!


THURSDAY, 30 NOVEMBER 2017 is the application deadline.
Please submit your application as soon as possible.
All applications will be reviewed, and all applications will receive a response.
Please be patient; responses will be issued at the latest by Sunday, 31 December 2017.
If your travel plans require an urgent confirmation, please detail your needs in the comment box at the end of the form, and we will do our best to acknowledge them. Thank you!


Are you a solo Mouth Harpist?
Or are you in a band or musical project that features the Mouth Harp in your music?

We would like to invite you to perform on one of our two festival stages.
Every performance at the World Mouth Harp Festival of India should include at least one Mouth Harp, either as an existing element of each musical project or through guest collaborations with other Mouth Harpists.
If you do not already have a Mouth Harpist in your band, then we will be happy to assist you in finding someone to collaborate with!
To register to perform, please fill out the application below.

Are you a visual or performing artist, and would like to dance, spin fire or paint while bands are playing? Then please fill out this application as well!

To simply participate in the festival as an individual musician in the Band Scramble or any other active Creative Collaboration, no pre-registration is required. Simply bring your instrument(s) and your collaborative spirit, and register with us on arrival.

By submitting this application, you acknowledge that you will be responsible for organizing your own logistics to attend the World Mouth Harp Festival of India.
Free of cost to all participants, this is is a volunteer based, participant-powered festival, therefore we do not have any means to assist you with your expenses of travel or accommodation. Meals, however, will be provided on the day of performance to all artists scheduled to perform during the festival.

Email address *
Band / Artist Name *
Performance Type *
Band's Country of Origin *
If members are from different countries, you may mention multiple countries to describe your band. (Example: USA/France/India)
Music Description *
Please write a detailed description of your music. This info will be used to evaluate your application, and also to promote your performance on our website and Facebook page. If you are a visual/performing artist, please describe your performance here.
Band Tagline *
Provide a brief description of your band or performance in a single line. This info will be used to promote your band on the festival's daily schedule.
Performance Duration *
Scheduling all accepted applicants into our festival's program is a monumental task. Please specify the shortest amount of time that you would require for your performance. Additionally, specify an amount of time that you prefer to be allotted to complete your set, and we will do our best to consider your wishes.
Number of Participants *
How many musicians or artists are in your band/group?
Complete List of Artists: Full Name + Facebook + Country + Instruments *
Please compile a clear list of every participant's full name and country of origin, and all instruments to be played by each artist, in order. If possible, also mention each person's profile name on Facebook. This complete info will assist us in identifying everyone in photos or videos taken during the festival.
Where can we check you out?
Band Photo *
Upload your best image to promote your band. You may provide us with multiple photos if you wish!
Video Links *
Show us your best video. We will use this video to both evaluate and promote your band. If you do not have any videos available, then an audio link is also ok. You may include multiple video or audio links; these will help us to better evaluate your music. Please be sure, however, to display your favorite video at the top of the list.
Contact Name *
Contact Email *
Contact Number / What'sApp Number
Country code + mobile number
Additional Info or Comments
Is there anything else you would like to to tell us?
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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