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Nashoba Tech Athletics Registration 2020-2021
Welcome to Nashoba Valley Technical High School sports registration

For students to be cleared to play, you must:

Complete this form which includes important health information review by the nurses office prior to each season as well as mandatory policies and agreements

Important: you must complete all required sections for student athletes to be officially registered. Only officially registered athletes will be allowed to participate in practices/games


Students who plan to participate in NVTHS athletics must have an IN PERSON physical examination within thirteen months of the start of each season. Per state law and the MIAA, physical examinations that expire result in immediate ineligibility until a new physical examination has taken place. Physical examinations must be performed by a duly registered physician, physician's assistant or nurse practitioner. Athletes will not be allowed to participate without have a physical exam that is current and in good standing. All documentation should be submitted to the School Nurse.

Sway Technology

This year Nashoba Valley Technical High School will be using Sway Medical Technology to accordance with our concussion policy. The Sway System combines objective balance and cognitive measures to support healthcare professionals in performing accurate and informed evaluations. Sway provides the most accurate and validated mobile software for measuring postural stability all from the mobile device you or your athlete already have. Sway is available on both the Apple and Android operating systems.Registration will be sent out via email to all athletes after they register for a sport and expected to be completed.

Nashoba Valley Technical High School
100 Littleton Road Westford MA 01886

Chelmsford Country Club (Golf)
66 Park Road
Chelmsford MA 01824

Chelmsford Forum (Hockey)
2 Brick Klin RD
North Billerica MA 01862

Greater Lowell Technical High School (Pool)
250 Pawtucket BLVD,
Tyngsborough MA 01879

Schedules can be found below

If you have any questions please contact the Athletic Director

James Creed at or (978) 692-4711 ext 11213

For questions about your physical please contact the School Nurse

Patricia Trahman at or (978) 692- 4711 ext 12110

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Chemical Health *This agreement between students, their parents or guardians, and Nashoba Valley Technical High Schools is designed to serve several purposes. It is intended to influence students to make wise and legally sound decisions. It is also designed: • To help ensure the physical and mental health of students; • To enable student athletes and leaders to set an example of responsible behavior; • To promote zero-tolerance of under age (21 years) drinking as defined by federal and state laws, as well as of the use of illegal and harmful chemical substances among our youth; • To bind the community together in support of its students; This agreement was first developed by the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA), and was created in pursuant to the rules of the MIAA. To maintain membership, we must adhere to and enforce the MIAA policy. RULE During the season of practice or play, a student shall not, regardless of the quantity, use, consume, possess, buy/sell, or give away any beverage containing alcohol; any tobacco product; marijuana; steroids; or any controlled substance. As defined under, Mass General Laws, Ch 90D. This policy includes products such as “NA or near beer”. Or intake the vapors of any intoxicating substance, such as glue, nitrous oxide and the like, sometimes referred to as “huffing”. It should be noted that: If a student in violation of this rule is unable to participate in interscholastic sports due to injury or academics, the penalty will not take effect until that student is able to participate again. The rule is in effect from the earliest fall practice date to the conclusion of the academic year or final athletic event (whichever is latest). • 1st Offense: When the Principal confirms, following an opportunity for the student to be heard, that a violation occurred, the student shall lose eligibility for a minimum of 25% of the season or next season of participation. Penalties carry to the following season. If the student is unable to participate due to injury, academics or otherwise, the penalty will not take effect until that student is able to participate again. • 2nd offense and subsequent offense: The student will lose eligibility for a minimum of 60% of the season or next season of participation. The student must also attend at least three approved substance abuse sessions. • In either instance, further disciplinary action may be taken by the school, including informing legal authorities or mandating drug and alcohol counseling. • Also be reminded of the Principal’s Authority to Suspend and/or Expel Under the terms of the Education Reform Act and MGL, Section 37 H, the principal of a school containing grades nine through twelve has the authority to immediately suspend and/or expel a student under the following conditions: found on school premises or at school sponsored or school related events, including athletic games, in possession of a dangerous weapon, including but not limited to a gun or a knife; or possession of a controlled substance as defined in MGL 94 C I have read and understand this policy. *
Hazing* HAZING INFORMATION: Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows: Chapter 269 of the General Laws is hereby amended by adding the following three sections: Section 17: Whoever is a principle organizer or participant in the crime of hazing as defined herein shall be punished by a fine of not more than one thousand dollars or by imprisonment in a house of correction for not more than one hundred days, or by both such fine and imprisonment. The term "hazing" as used in this section and in sections eighteen and nineteen, shall mean any conduct or method of initiation into any student organization, whether on public or private property, which willfully or recklessly endangers the physical or mental health of any student or other person. Such conduct shall include whipping, beating, branding, forced calisthenics, exposure to the weather, forced consumption of any food, liquor, beverage, drug or other substance, or any other brutal treatment or forced physical activity which is likely to adversely affect the physical health or safety of any such student or other person, or which subjects such student or other person to extreme mental stress, including extended deprivation of sleep or rest or extended isolation. Section 18: Whoever knows that another person is the victim of hazing as defined in section seventeen and is at the scene of such crime shall, to the extent that such person can do so without danger or peril to himself or others, report such crime to an appropriate law enforcement official as soon as reasonably practicable. Whoever fails to report such crime shall be punished by a fine of not more than five hundred dollars. Section 19: Each secondary school and each public and private school or college shall issue to every group or organization under its authority or operating on or in conjunction with its campus or school, and to every member, or applicant for membership in such group organization, a copy of this section and sections seventeen and eighteen. An officer of each such group or organization, and each individual receiving a copy of said sections seventeen and eighteen shall sign an acknowledgment stating that such group, organization or individual has received a copy of said sections seventeen and eighteen. Each secondary school and each public or private school or college shall file, at least annually, a report with the regents of higher education and in the case of secondary schools, the board of education, certifying that such institution has complied with the provisions of this section and also certifying that said school has adopted a disciplinary policy with regards to the organizers and participants of hazing. The board of regents and in the case of secondary schools, the board of education shall promulgate regulations governing the content and frequency of such reports, and shall forthwith report to the attorney general any such institution, which fails to make such report. Passed to be enacted by the House of Representatives November 13, 1985. Passed to be enacted by the Senate November 14, 1985. Approved November 26, 1985 by Governor Michael J. Dukakis. I have read and understand this information *
On March 14, 2016, Governor Charlie Baker signed landmark legislation into law to address the deadly opioid epidemic plaguing the Commonwealth. The bill is titled An Act relative to substance use, treatment, education and prevention (STEP Act). Below is a link to information about drug abuse and education. *I have read and watch videos pertaining to drug abuse and prevention. More information on Opioid I have read and understand this information *
Student-Athlete Handbook *understand and accept the 2020-2021 Nashoba Valley Technical School District’s Parent and Student’ handbook and all policies within. *
Parent Consent form* I, the parent or guardian of student, a minor, do hereby consent to my child’s participation in voluntary athletic or recreation programs of the Nashoba Valley Technical High School, 100 Littleton Road, Westford, MA.I also agree to forever release Nashoba Valley Technical High School District, the School Committee, and all their employees, agents, board members, volunteers and any and all individuals and organizations assisting or participating in voluntary athletic or recreation programs of Nashoba Valley Technical High School District (“the Releasees”) from any and all claims, rights of action and cause of action that may have arisen in the past, or may arise in the future, directly or indirectly, from personal injuries to my child or property damage resulting from my child’s participation in the Nashoba Valley Technical High School District recreation programs.I also promise, to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the Releases against any and all legal claims and proceeding of any description that may have been asserted in the past, or may be asserted in the future, directly or indirectly, a rising from personal injures to my child or property damage resulting from my child’s participation in the Nashoba Valley Technical High School District of voluntary athletic or recreation programs.I further affirm that I have read this Consent and Release Form and that I understand the contents of this Form. I understand that my child’s participation in these programs is voluntary and that my child and I are free to choose not to participate in the Nashoba Valley Technical High Schools athletic or recreation programs with full knowledge that the Releases will not be liable to anyone for personal injuries and property damage my child or I may suffer in voluntary Nashoba Valley Technical High School athletic or recreation programs. I have read and understand the consent form. *
Head Injury and Concussion Agreement: Massachusetts law requires that parents and students be provided with the opportunity to enhance their knowledge pertaining to the serious nature of sports-related head injuries and concussions. In an effort to provide you with vital information regarding this serious subject, you will find below links to three facts sheets from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention website. The National Federation of State High School Associations also provides a training program for parents and students, as well as for coaches and athletic trainers. It is entitled "Concussion in Sports: What You Need to Know". This program may be accessed at I have read and understand this information
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Head Injury/Concussion History *
Has participant ever had a head injury or diagnosed concussion (i.e. bell rung, ding, head rush)?
Has participant ever experienced a traumatic head injury, had a hit to the head that caused headache, prolonged headache, dizziness, nausea, confusion, unconsciousness, memory loss or been told he/she had a concussion?
Has participant ever received medical attention for a head injury?
Is there any general Head Injury/Concussion information about the participant that should be shared?
Health History*Allergies *
Has participant ever been diagnosed with allergies by a health care provider?
Does participant have a life-threatening allergy to food, latex, medicines, foods, pollen, insect bites or stinging insects?
Does participant carry an epinephrine auto-injector (Epi-Pen)?
Is there any general allergy information about the participant that should be shared?
Health/Medical *
Has participant ever been told by their health care provider they have asthma?
Does participant have any ongoing medical conditions like asthma, seizures, sickle cell trait or disease, anemia, diabetes, infections or other?
Has participant ever been told by physician that he/she has a heart condition or problem, such as High Blood Pressure, Low Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Kawasaki Disease, Heart Murmur, Heart Infection or other issue?
Does participant currently receive treatment for a seizure disorder or epilepsy?
Medical Release* I understand that the Nashoba Technical High School has a responsibility to my on/daughter to use responsible and prudent judgement in maintaining his/her health while engaged in the school's program. With this in mind and in my absence: In the treatment (including emergency surgery) by an area doctor, hospital or other appropriate medical facility. I have read and understand this policy. *
Within the last 14 days, have you/your participant or a household member had close contact with a symptomatic person diagnosed with COVID-19?
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Do you/your participant have any of the following symptoms: fever, chills, cough, difficulty breathing, sore throat, body aches, new headaches, or loss of taste or smell?
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Is there any general communicable disease information about the participant that should be shared?
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I grant the school nurse permission to share health information about my child including medication, Health Pare Provider Release, and Medication Permission, on a need to know basis with his/her coach *
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