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Journey 2018 Volunteering
Hello Friends!

This year, we will be hosting Journey to the End of the Night on Saturday, October 13. We would love to have YOU join us and help create this year's Journey!

Journey is a free street game that is open to the public, and is organized by a dedicated group of volunteer artists and experience designers that we'd love YOU to be a part of.

Gameplay is like zombie tag: players try to make it through the checkpoints spread around the city without getting tagged, and if they are tagged by a chaser, they become a chaser as well. Throughout the course, teams of artists set up interactive stations (checkpoints) that the players try to reach as they travel through the evening. Players who manage to find all the checkpoints without getting tagged will go to the endzone to celebrate with other players.

There are many ways to help make Journey happen, and it doesn't necessarily bar you from playing! So read on and let us know if you want to join us.

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