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Privilege of Various Sorts
My name is Miranda Lattimore. I am a student at the University of South Carolina conducting a social marketing experiment on privilege of various sorts. I would appreciate your cooperation and honesty in the following survey. Many of the questions gathered here are from a larger survey from asking people to "check" their privilege. Thank you for your help!
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Privilege of Various Sorts..
Each of the statements above are various privileges many Americans have that others do not have. I ask that you please take your score (one point for each check) and think of others you know who would not have scored as high as you or maybe even others who may have scored higher than you and have a genuine discussion about the privilege or non-privilege you face daily and come up with ways to address it. The highest possible score is a 42.
Again, you have the right to remain anonymous, but if you would like to make a comment, please do. I would love your feedback! I will not share any names given.
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