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Application for The Nordic Woman 2020
Hello! Please fill out this short form to apply for the Nordic Woman. Your information is confidential and will only be seen by Leonore and Helle. On the next page, you'll find the link to book a call with Leonore to review your application.
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Your Name
Where do you live?
What makes you interested in attending the Nordic Woman?
What do you most hope to experience and walk away with from this? What would it mean for you to attend?
What is your level of comfort and experience with hiking and being outdoors?
Do you have any concerns, questions or fears about attending?
Note: tuition is $3,500 before June 30th or $3,900 after. Payment plans are available and participants must purchase their own airfare to and from Sweden.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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