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Plastic Bag Grab Student Quiz
How well do you know the 3Rs and reducing plastics waste? Take this quiz to find out!

Get all the questions correct and earn 20 points!

Visit for more information on how to learn and take action on plastics waste!
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1. Approximately how many plastic shopping bags are used every year in Canada? *
1 point
2. What are some items that can be made from recycled plastic bags? *
2 points
3. What happens when plastic bags are lost as garbage instead of being recycled? *
1 point
4. What are examples of renewable resources? *
1 point
5. How can we reduce the amount of plastic bags used? *
2 points
6. Which option is best for the environment? *
1 point
7. All plastic bags can be reused or recycled. *
1 point
8. How many times can you reuse a plastic bag? *
1 point
9. How are some stores reducing the number of plastic bags being used? (Choose all that apply) *
3 points
10. Only stores accept plastic bags and film for recycling. *
1 point
11. A plastic shopping bag cannot be recycled if a paper receipt or food is left inside of it. *
1 point
12. BONUS question (5 points): Approximately how many plastic bags does a 5 metre (16 foot) deck board made from recycled plastics contain? *
5 points
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