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Ketofest Event Application
Fill out this form if you are interested in hosting your own Ketofest with the support of 2KETO, LLC - the company behind the podcast network that produces the 2 Keto Dudes by Carl Franklin and Richard Morris; Hosts of the very first Ketofest.

We have published a list of upcoming Ketofests as well as past Ketofests at

Why host a Ketofest rather than just do your own thing?

Ketofest is an established brand symbolizing both social and science aspects of the ketogenic lifestyle. "I went to a Ketofest" immediately conjures up images of barbecues, social activities, cooking demonstrations, and thought-leaders presenting their latest ideas and interacting one-on-one with attendees.

Ketofest is a celebration of life. People love Ketofest. They want to be part of it, and not just as attendees, they want to give back as well. Ask anyone who has been a volunteer at a Ketofest, that is where the real action is whether it's cooking with Carl and Richard, or scooping low carb ice cream, or helping clean up venues. Community is at the core of Ketofest.

We take our brand very seriously. That is why we approve every prospective Ketofest event to make sure it meets the spirit of Ketofest.

If your application is accepted:

We'll show you how to minimize your financial risk
We'll show you how to set up ticketing
We'll show you some short cuts for registrations that will speed thing up on the day
We'll give you a road map to help you avoid pitfalls
We'll promote your event on, and our podcasts.
We'll give you access to our graphic designers (additional fees may apply).
We'll introduce you to our speakers, sponsors, and partners.
We'll even put in a remote appearance at your event via Skype, Zoom, Hangouts, etc.
You will be able to use the word "Ketofest", our graphics, and logos in all media.

If you just plan to get a dozen people together, that's not a Ketofest. It's a meet-up. If you have a half day event, you'll get all of our support, but we'll waive the licensing fee. If you do a full event (1 day or longer), we'll charge a nominal licensing fee.

Please fill out this form and submit. You will be able to edit your answers.

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If using a commercial kitchen, do you have the proper certification to prepare and sell food in your jurisdiction?
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