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City of Reno Trash Issues
Information submitted on this form will be used by the City of Reno to track and document missed pick-ups reported by citizens. Please fill this form out for each missed instance. If you do not have an email you can enter or call city hall at 817-221-2500 and submit your information over the phone.
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What is your scheduled pick-up day? *
Date of Missed pick-up *
Did you contact Midwest Waste? *
If you have not contacted Midwest Waste for this instance, please call them to report this issue before submitting the form. 940-696-5600
Who did you speak with at Midwest and what was their response? *
After contacting Midwest did you contact the City of Reno? *
With regard to this missed pick-up, did your trash get picked up before the next scheduled pick-up day? *
Have you received a credit for this missed pick from the city? *
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