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10 Virtues 十美德
✅ How can the 10 Virtues solve your problems?
✅ Is it that difficult to keep 10 Virtues?
✅ Why is the 10 Virtues so important?

✅ 十美德如何解决你的问题?
✅ 十美德真的这么难做吗?
✅ 为什么十美德这么的重要?

💥Don't miss out on our last 6-week program for L123 students to review and refine what you've learned! 💥
💥不要错过由我们 DCI 老师为 L123 学生进行的为期 6 周的特别课程,复习和改进您所曾学过的!

6-weekly Program Plan
Sat 15 Apr: Meditation Review 冥想复习 ✔️
Sat 29 Apr: How to tell Pen Story, 4 Steps 如何讲笔和做4步骤 ✔️
Sat 6 May: Coffee Meditation 咖啡冥想 ✔️
Sat 13 May: 4x4 四套四 ✔️
Sat 20 May: 3/6 Times Book 3/6 时书 ✔️
Sat 27 May: 10 Virtues 十美德 (LAST 最后了)

💥Join us to give an extra boost to your seed planting efforts so you can see the results you want sooner! 🌰💦🌱🚿🌻🌹🌸🌺

🗓 Date 日期: Sat, 27 May 2017
⏰ Time 时间: 2 - 4pm (Registration starts 1.30pm Please be on time! 注册时间下午1时30分开始 请准时哦!)
🏢 Venue 地点: Enchanted Garden, 70 Jellicoe Road L4 V-Hotel Singapore 208767 (Lavender MRT)
💯 Capacity 容量: 40 pax 人
💰 Cost 费用: 每一位 $10 each
🔎 Eligibility 要求: Attended L123 Workshop 上过123工作坊
☎ Contact 联络: Kelly Tan 9742 5477 | Jeann Zhuang 8828 2728

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