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Pickens High School Hydration & Fluid Replacement Policy
Heat illness is used to define several types of afflictions suffered when an individual experiences a rising body temperature and dehydration. Listed below are the different forms of heat illness defined by the NATA (National Athletic Trainers Association).
Hydration and Fluid Replacement
Cold water will be readily available during rest periods, which will be increased depending on the WBT. Ifa student requests water during an unscheduled time, they will be granted permission to hydrate themselves immediately.

Hydration and fluid replacement is a daily process. Students should hydrate themselves before, during and after practice and games. Meals should include an appropriate amount of fluid intake in addition to a healthy diet. Each student will be personally responsible for weighing themselves in and out, monitoring their water loss after each practice or event. The recommended intake for water loss during practice is listed in the next chart.

Guidelines for Hydration During Exercise
1. Drink 16-24oz. of fluids 1 to 1 % hours before the workout or competition.
2. Drink 4-8oz. of water or sports drink during every 20 minutes of exercise.
3. Drink before you feel thirsty. When you feel thirsty, you have already lost needed fluids.
4. Fluids that are appropriate for hydration are: water, sports drinks, some juices.
5. Fluids that can cause dehydration are: sodas, tea, coffee, energy drinks

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