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Return to School PRE-REGISTRATION for Existing Students
Given the controlled conditions for reopening, pre-registration will be required for all students.

If you have more than one student attending SNP STEAM, this form must be filled out separately for each student.

Given the unprecedented circumstances of the ongoing public health crisis, we will have two educational models available to SNP STEAM Academy students and their families. When school begins, we will do so using the quadmester system, which is further explained below. Students will also be divided into two cohorts, those being the grade 9 and 10 students in one, and the other cohort being the grade 11 and 12 students. If they choose to do so, these cohorts will attend school on different days. Please see the "Guide to reopening SNP STEAM Academy:School Restart Plan" in your email.

These two models are:

Model 1: Blended Learning
Blended Learning mixes both from home and physically in-class learning to meet the needs of students and families. This quadmester will include both instruction at school and online.
The school year is divided into 4 quads or quadmesters. A quad is like a normal semester in a regular high school, only it is approximately 8 weeks in length, and students take two courses at a time. Over two quadmesters, students can still earn the same amount of credits as they would during a regular semester.

*Please Note: A decision will be made early January if the quadmester system will continue to the end of the school year, or if we will begin February with a traditional four credit semester.


Model 2: 100% Online Learning
Online learning from home with full-time instruction is an option for families during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Student learning will be synchronous between on site and at home, happening online with real time teaching and interactions from staff, including both our teachers and educational assistants.

At the beginning of each quadmester parents/guardians with their child may choose between:
• Model 1: Blended Learning (2 Cohorts: grade 9&10 – grade 11&12)
• Model 2: 100% Online Learning

There will be some restrictions on the ability of students to transfer between remote learning and in class learning according to the dates of the quadmester.

Reintegration dates:
*Key times are identified below in the chart when parents can choose to reintegrate their child to in-person instruction, when they feel comfortable to do so.
Quadmester 1 - September 7 to October 30
Reintegration date: October 16, 2020 for Quadmester 2

Quadmester 2 November 2 to January 29
Reintegration date: January 15, 2021 for Quadmester 3 or Semester 2 depending on decision made by SNP

Quadmester 3 February 1 to April 20
Reintegration date: April 6, 2021 for Quadmester 4
Alternatively Semester 2
February 1 to June 25
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