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Upstage Theater Director Application 2019
Directors will be able to choose their own show and produce it with the support of Upstage. The Director is responsible for overseeing creative aspects of their production.
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This is where we get to know you as an individual, fairly logistical questions, but important to your application!
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Previous Credits
What other productions have you worked in the artistic staff? If none, that's fine, just list anything you can think of!
List any other shows you've worked on (including shows you've acted in, done tech, or helped out in any other way) *
Please include, if possible, year and the director or supervisor you worked under. Feel free to instead email us a copy of your resume if you have one.
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Creative Application
This is your chance to show us what ideas you have, you can be as wild or as traditional as you want, but this is the time for your ideas to shine.
What show do you want to direct? Why? What vision/ideas do you have for this show? *
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Why does this show fit with Upstage's mission? Why should Upstage produce this show?
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Why did you choose apply to work with Upstage? What do you think you would add to the company? *
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