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Yukon Girls Rock Camp Volunteer Application
Yukon Girls Rock Camp is a social justice camp that uses rock music to amplify girls' voices for healing, growth and change. Camp is held July 17-21, 2017 with the showcase performance at the DCMF main stage Saturday, July 23rd. We need volunteers during camp week, as well as for set up & tear down. All volunteer positions are important to make the girls' camp experience amazing!

There are a number of volunteer positions to suit availability, knowledge, skills & gender. Above all, we want your volunteer experience to be a rewarding one as it adds to the camp experience and empowering our youth. If you don't know your availability yet, thats ok! We'll be in contact with you closer to the date.

Volunteer applications will close June 15, 2016. Individuals who identify as female are preferred in mentorship roles and may require a vulnerable sectors check.

All volunteers will need to participate in training on June 20th (6-9 pm) or July 17 (12:30-2 pm). Workshop facilitators should attend the June 20th session - Allies Rock! Mini-Camp to develop workshop ideas.

To learn more about Yukon Girls Rock Camp, visit

Section 1. Your Information
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What are your preferred gender pronouns?
i.e. she/her/hers, he/him/his, they/their/theirs, etc.
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Phone #
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Mailing Address
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Section 2. Mentorship Positions
You may apply for more than 1 position. Some positions require you to commit to each day of camp, and others do not. A description of each position is posted. Apply for all positions you are interested in, and we'll work out a schedule that gives you an awesome camp experience.

Mentorship positions are required to identify as female, provide a vulnerable sectors check & participate in Rock Camp Volunteer training, Sunday July 17th or at the Allies Rock! Mini-Camp June 20th.

Band Manager
Band managers will work with one band all week, mentoring and supporting bands during camp week. Musical knowledge is not required, but managers should be comfortable handling group dynamics and conflict. Each band’s Manager and Coach work closely together throughout the week. Band Managers must be available for band rehearsals Monday-Friday between 10:00-4:30 pm and at the Showcase Performance Saturday afternoon (final schedule TBD). Time commitment is about 12-20 hours, but the rewards are high!
Band Coach
Band coaches will work with one band all week, and will mentor bands to create original songs. It is ideal for Band Coaches to have experience with songwriting and more than one instrument. Each band’s Manager and Coach work closely together to support their group throughout the week. Band Coaches can also fill the role of Instrument Instructor. Band Coaches should be available Monday-Friday between 10:00-4:30 pm (final schedule TBD) and at the Showcase Performance. Time commitment is about 12-20 hours, but the rewards are high!
Sound & Tech Lead
Sound and tech lead is responsible for equipment and instruments during camp week. This includes inventory, maintenance, and generally knowing where everything is & needs to be. This person will direct roadies and will communicate with band coaches/managers to make sure all gear needed for the showcase performance makes it to the DCMF main stage. Sound & Tech Lead must know how to operate basic PA and soundboard for rehearsals. This position may be split up between few people.
Instrument Assistant Instructor
Instrument Assistant Instructors are responsible for assisting camp counselors in teaching instrument classes, music theory and inspiring young minds. Instrument Instructors should have previous experience teaching and playing their instrument. They should be available mornings for instrument practice (final schedule TBD). Time commitment is 1-2 hours/day.
Voice Coach
Voice coach is responsible for helping campers find her voice - both singing voice and the confidence to express herself daily. Voice coaches must be available to lead one workshop, and work with each band throughout the week during band practice. Schedule is somewhat flexible.
Morning Assembly Crew
Morning assembly is the time the campers get pumped up and energized for the day. It is also a great time to address issues that arise during camp week through skits. Crew members should be positive, high energy, and able to improvise. Assembly crew must be available between 8:30-10:00 at least 2 mornings during camp week.
Team Feelings
Rock Camp is an intense week and campers can become overwhelmed and need support. Team feelings is responsible for the emotional health of campers and will be available to help support campers (and volunteers!) when they need it. Team Feelings should have experience with conflict management and will help counselors and volunteers address major emotional and behavioural issues. Scheduling is flexible.
Workshop Facilitator
If applying as a Workshop Facilitator, provide a brief description of your workshop idea. If you don't have an idea or topic we can help you develop it, or partner you with someone.
Have an idea, or a previous workshop you've delivered? Describe it here. We're looking for any topic that will engage and be relevant to girls aged 8-16, or subjects that girls living in a remote community may not be exposed to. Body positivity, gender equality, communication, self-defense or anything! Something you are passionate about will really connect your workshop to the campers.
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Section 3. Support Positions
Rock Camp needs a lot of support to be successful! Support positions are a great way for individuals with limited time or cis-males to contribute to Yukon Girls Rock camp. (Positions with an asterisk are open to all genders). You can apply for more than 1 position and do not need to be available every day of camp week.
Set Up/Load In*
We need hands on deck to set up gear and get the space ready. Set up is Saturday, July 17th. Access to a vehicle can be handy as there may be gear to pick up and transport.
Tear Down Crew*
Just like setup requires many hands, so does tear down. Tear down is Sunday, July 24th. Access to a vehicle can be handy as there may be gear to pick up and transport.
Roadies are responsible for moving and setting up rehearsal rooms for band and instrument practices, and tuning instruments. Scheduling is flexible between 10:00 am-5:30 pm.
Morning Drop Off & Afternoon Pick Up
Morning drop off crew signs campers in, and supervises campers between 8:15-9:00. Afternoon pick up crew is responsible for signing out kids and should be available between 4:45-5:45 pm.
Food Crew
Food Crew is responsible for prepping, cleaning and supervising morning and afternoon snack, and supervision of lunches. Morning snack should be available between 9:30-11 am, afternoon snack between 2:30-4pm, and lunch supervision between noon-1:30 pm.
Documentation Crew
Help us document Yukon Girls Rock Camp 2016! Documentation crew will take photos & videos of camp activities and the showcase performance. We are also looking for someone to edit a quick promo video (1-2 minutes). Images and videos will be used on our website, social media and future promo, and will be credited. These positions must supply own equipment. Flexible schedule.
Outdoor Adventure Crew
A hiking day is planned for Wednesday, July 20th and allows campers and staff a day to be inspired by the Yukon! In 2015, campers travelled to Tombstone Territorial Park for a day of hiking, songwriting and workshops. The 2016 adventure is TBD. Outdoor Adventure crew should have appropriate day hiking gear, be bear aware, and comfortable supervising outdoors. Should be available from 8:30am to 6pm on Wednesday, July 20. Class 4 license would be beneficial.
Glam Squad
The glam squad will help the girls with hair, makeup & overall style for band photos and the showcase performance. Glam squad should be available Saturday, July 23rd from 11:30am-3pm. Make-up & supplies will be provided.
Section 4. About You
Tell us about yourself and help decide where you can best contribute to YGRC.
Tell us a little bit about yourself
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How many hours would you like to volunteer?
We'll work with you to establish a schedule that works for you.
What is your availability during camp week (July 18-23)?
You will need to confirm your availability by July 1st, 2016.
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Do you have any prior experience or knowledge of the Girls Rock Camp movement? Describe it here!
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What previous experience do you have working with youth?
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Are you available for Allies Rock! Mini-Camp Tuesday, June 20th?
We will be developing workshops, writing a camp song & getting know about Rock Camp!
Are you available for training Sunday, July 17th?
Volunteers will have to participate in volunteer training & orientation prior to camp.
Do you have a drivers license?
Positions that will be supervising or directly working with youth will be required to submit a Criminal Record/Vulnerable Sector check. Are you willing to provide this?
Criminal Record checks are free for volunteers and are obtained from the RCMP. You are responsible for initiating this process and submitting it to us prior to the start of camp. We will provide you with a letter for the RCMP which will waive the fee associated with the check.
Are you interested in volunteering with Rock Camp year-round?
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