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Marco Büchler & Greta / Emily Franzini: From a research question to the right model for detecting Historical Text Reuse
Inscription obligatoire à cette session du séminaire du programme e-philologie PSL (co-organisé par l'ENC, l'ENS, l'EHESS, l'EPHE)
Où : salle Delisle, ENC, rue Richelieu 65, métro Pyramides.
Quand : 24 avril, 17h
Plus d'informations :

Text reuse or intertextuality is one of the main subjects of interest in the Digital Humanities. This talk is an introduction to the field of historical text reuse detection, its objectives and challenges. Furthermore, this interactive presentation will illustrate the process of finding the right parameters and settings to strike the right precision/recall balance while running computational text reuse analyses. The use case presented will be the comparison between the books of Mark and Luke in the Bible.
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