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Input and Feedback - Draft School Start and End Times (beginning Fall 2019)
In the Spring of 2018, RSU #34 surveyed the community about differentiating bus runs; these changes would affect school start and end times and create opportunities for students. Change is also disruptive; while many respondents were in favor of the proposed changes some challenges were illuminated that we needed to plan for to do this well.

We've addressed nearly all of those challenges with the revised draft at the link below. As we consider the pros and cons of such changes and prepare to make a recommendation to the School Board, we seek input and feedback about the gains students could realize from the shift and the challenges we would need to plan for.

The revised draft, along with an overview of the gains and challenges to plan for, can be seen here: Slideshow: , Document:

We've created a form for input and feedback ( Please don't hesitate to reach out to your school principal or district administrators with questions, and please also know there will be another public comment period at the May School Board meeting. (Wednesday May 15th, 6:30 PM at Leonard Middle School). ​

Benefits and Challenges Already Under Consideration
Academic Benefits
*Widespread research shows high school students academically benefit from a later start
*Provides an opportunity to students for a time and place to do homework with support
*Enables differentiating some staff schedules to:
-provide some academic interventions without impacting students’ other classes
-provide more support for students who need it
-more flexibly schedule activities, knowing that all students have the transportation to participate

Extra-Curricular Benefits
*Transportation available for all students for extra-curricular activities
-eases burdens on families and provides equity
-enables shifting some extra-curricular activities out of the school day, protecting cord academic time
*Opens a before-school scheduling option for LMS and OTHS activities
-(helping busy kids to manage schedules and
providing before-school access to in-demand facilities for teams/coaches)

Miscellaneous Benefits
*Savings identified through the transportation bid and from targeted state funds can be redeployed to services for students
*Provides a structured time at each grade span when partner services such as counselors/specialists, community organizations, and pre-service educators can offer activities to students, knowing they all have transportation
*Some potential to reduce traffic congestion on Stillwater Avenue and alleviate crowding on our most-full buses
*Additional hours leads to more stability for our cadre of bus drivers

Things to Plan For
*Staffing plan for the times shown in green on the sketch, for coordination, communication with families, and providing the offerings. Some of this will be done through differentiated schedules, some will be done through additional hours or stipend opportunities for current staff using redeployed transportation funds.
*Coordination with bus drivers of the routes where students may be; some students that typically ride one bus run may need the other bus run on certain days.
*Coordination of the # of times early release for athletics may disrupt the school day.
*Anticipation of slightly more early dismissals for medical appointments.
*Planning for the few United Technologies Center students who have a morning session.
*School-day schedule adjustments, especially at Old Town High School.
*Planning to minimize competition/overlap in the newly-opened time slot.
*Planning for increased staff coverage needs as more students participate in extra-curricular activities.

In which community do you live?
Do you (or do your children) ride the school bus?
What perspective do you bring?
What gains would you see arising from this shift for students? (Academic gains, extra-curricular gains, other gains).
Your answer
What challenges do you see coming from this shift that we would need to plan for?
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