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Letter in defence of Dr Maha Abdelrahman
Cambridge, 10th November 2017

We, the undersigned, categorically reject the malicious and totally unfounded allegations made against Dr Maha Abdelrahman in the Italian newspaper La Repubblica on 2 November 2017. Dr Abdelrahman, an internationally highly-regarded scholar at Cambridge University, was the supervisor of Giulio Regeni, an Italian PhD student, who was conducting research on Egyptian independent trade unions when he was abducted, tortured and murdered in early 2016. There is overwhelming evidence that strongly implicates the Egyptian security forces in Giulio's murder. Indeed, Declan Walsh, the Cairo correspondent of the New York Times, wrote in August 2017 in a detailed account that the US had 'incontrovertible evidence of official Egyptian responsibility', but was unable to make the evidence public without compromising their source.

Despite a cumulative body of facts pointing clearly to the Egyptian police, La Repubblica attempts to apportion some of the blame for Giulio's murder to Dr Abdelrahman. The article lists the following questions that the Italian prosecutor wants to put to Dr Abdelrahman: 1. Who chose the specific theme of Giulio's research? 2. Who chose the tutor to supervise Giulio's fieldwork in Cairo? 3. Who chose the participatory research study method that Giulio pursued? 4. Who devised the research questions that were posed to the street vendors whom Giulio was interviewing? 5. Did Giulio submit the results of his research to Dr. Abdelrahman?

While we understand that some of these questions could be relevant to the Italian investigation, we find La Repubblica's tendentious summary and analysis of them to be deliberately misleading. For example, La Repubblica alleges that Dr Abdelrahman 'commissioned' Giulio to work on a topic that she knew was dangerous and that he was reluctant to pursue. Furthermore, that she was the one who chose Giulio's research topic, research methods, research subjects and research questions for him.

We find these allegations absurd. They betray a fundamental ignorance of internationally-recognised procedures in applying for and undertaking a PhD. Academic supervisors do not choose their PhD students; rather, it is the students who choose them. PhD supervisors do not impose their research agendas on unsuspecting students; the students, usually, work on a particular research area for some time before undertaking a PhD and then look for a supervisor in that area. In Giulio's case, he had been interested in independent trade unions for years and had already worked in Egypt before he even approached Dr Abdelrahman to be his supervisor. On the issue of the participatory research method employed by Giulio, any social scientist could tell you that it would be the method of choice in investigating contemporary issues.

These and other allegations in the article are characterised by wilful ignorance, misrepresentation and distortion as well as pure invention and basic lies. Moreover, there is no way that Dr Abdelrahman, or anyone else, could have anticipated what happened to her student. The most egregious outcome that any foreign researchers in Egypt could have feared at the time of Giulio's disappearance was deportation. Relying on hindsight, La Repubblica is insinuating that Giulio's tragedy could have been foreseen. This is unequivocally not true.

A final important point on which La Repubblica is incorrect. Dr Abdelrahman has NOT refused to talk to the Italian authorities. At Giulio's funeral in February 2016, she was interviewed for one and a half hours by the Italian prosecutor. On 15 June 2016, she answered in writing many supplementary questions posed by the Italian prosecutor, and indicated that she was happy to answer any further questions. There was no further communication with the Italian authorities until recently when they put in the request referred to in La Repubblica's article. In response, Dr Abdelrahman willingly agreed to be interviewed again.

Giulio was not the author of his own tragedy. Nor was Dr Abelrahman responsible for his death in any way, shape or form. The responsibility for the abduction, torture and death of this bright Cambridge student falls squarely on the Egyptian regime. And it behoves serious investigative journalists to shine their light where the real darkness lies.

1. 1. Mahvish Ahmad, PhD student, University of Cambridge
2. Dr Anne Alexander, Research Fellow, University of Cambridge
3. Dr. Arthur Asseraf, Lecturer, History Faculty, University of Cambridge
4. Dr. Duncan Bell, Reader, Department of Politics and International Studies, (POLIS) University of Cambridge
5. Professor Bill Burgwinkle, Faculty of Modern & Medieval Languages, University of Cambridge
6. Dr. Adam Branch, Director, Centre of African Studies, University of Cambridge
7. Dr. Devon Curtis, Senior Lecturer, POLIS, University of Cambridge
8. Dr. Manali Desai, Lecturer, Sociology, University of Cambridge
9. Farida El Keiy, Language Teaching Officer, FAMES, University of Cambridge
10. Professor Khaled Fahmy, Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies (FAMES), University of Cambridge
11. Dr. Mónica Moreno Figueroa, Senior Lecturer in Sociology, University of Cambridge
12. Dr. Iza Hussin, Lecturer, POLIS, University of Cambridge
13. Dr. Solava Ibrahim, Affiliated Lecturer, Centre for Development Studies, University of Cambridge
14. Saussan Khalil, Lector in Arabic, FAMES, University of Cambridge
15. Professor Charles Melville, FAMES, University of Cambridge
16. Dr Perveez Mody, Lecturer, Department of Social Anthropology, University of Cambridge
17. Professor Clément Mouhot, Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences, University of Cambridge
18. Dr. Basim Musallam, King’s College, University of Cambridge
19. Dr. Yael Navarro, Reader, Division of Anthropology, University of Cambridge
20. Dr. Rory O’Bryen, University Senior Lecturer in Latin American Literature and Culture, University of Cambridge
21. Dr. Yaron Peleg, Kennedy Leigh Reader in Modern Hebrew Studies, FAMES, University of Cambridge
22. Dr. Mezna Qato, Junior Research Fellow, King's College, University of Cambridge
23. Dr. Helen Pfeifer, University Lecturer, Faculty of History, University of Cambridge
24. Dr. Glen Rangwala, Lecturer, POLIS, University of Cambridge
25. Dr. Sertaç Sehlikoglu, Abdullah Mubarak Al-Sabah Research Fellow, Pembroke College, University of Cambridge
26. Dr. Arathi Sriprakash, University Lecturer, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge
27. Dr. Pieter van Houten, Senior Lecturer, POLIS, University of Cambridge
28. Dr. Njoki Wamai, Post Doctoral Research Associate, POLIS, University of Cambridge
29. Dr. Graham Denyer Willis, University Lecturer in Development Studies, University of Cambridge
30. Dr. Waseem Yaqoob, Lecturer, Faculty of History, University of Cambridge
31. Dr. Ayşe Zarakol, Reader in International Relations, POLIS, University of Cambridge
32. Professor Simon Goldhill, University of Cambridge
33. Dr. Gilbert Achcar, Professor of Development Studies & International Relations, SOAS, University of London
34. Dr. Nadje Al-Ali, Professor of Gender Studies, SOAS University of London
35. Dr. Avril Alba, Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Hebrew, Biblical and Jewish Studies, The University of Sydney
36. Dr. Lori Allen, Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Anthropology, SOAS, University of London
37. Dr. Jamie Allinson, Lecturer, University of Edinburgh
38. Dr. Enrica Asquer, Edith Saurer Fonds Research Fellow, Wien and Paris
39. Dr. Anna Baldinetti, Associate Professor in African history, Università di Perugia
40. Dr. Nesrine Basheer, Teaching Fellow, Dept. of Arabic Language and Cultures, The University of Sydney
41. Dr Marta Bellingreri, Independent Scholar
42. Dr. Francesca Biancani, Adjunct Professor, Bologna University and Postdoctoral fellow CEDEJ-IFAO, Cairo, Egypt
43. Dr. Anna Bilous, teaching fellow, SOAS, University of London
44. Dr. Sara Borrillo, Postdoctoral fellow, University L'Orientale of Naples
45. Dr. Sheila Carapico, Professor, Political Sciences and International Studies, University of Richmond, Virginia
46. Dr. Paola Caridi, Adjunct Professor, Università di Palermo
47. Dr. Lorenzo Casini, Assistant Professor of Arabic Language and Literature, University of Messina
48. Dr. Martina Censi, Université Rennes 2
49. Dr. Estella Carpi, Research Associate, Department of Geography, University College London
50. Dr Catherine Cornet, Adjunct Professor, American University in Rome
51. Dr. May Darwich, Assistant Professor, Durham University
52. Dr. Barbara De Poli, Assistant Professor, Universita di Venezia, Ca’ Foscari
53. Prof. Anna Maria Di Tolla, Associate Professor, University of Naples, L’Orientale.
54. Dr. M. Cristina Ercolessi, Associate Professor, University of Naples "L'Orientale"
55. Sai Englert, GTA in Politics and Development Studies, SOAS, University of London
56. Prof. Ersilia Francesca, Associate Professor, University of Naples "L'Orientale"
57. Professor Richard Fardon, Department of Anthropology, SOAS University of London
58. Dr. Paola Gandolfi, Associate Professor, University of Bergamo
59. Dr. Anna Maria Gentili, Emeritus African History and Politics, University of Bologna
60. Dr. Giuseppe Acconcia, University of Padua
61. Dr. Yingjie Guo, Professor and Chair Department of Chinese Studies, the University of Sydney
62. Dr. Laura Hammond, Reader, Department of Development Studies, SOAS University of London
63. Dr. Mark Hobart, Emeritus Professor Centre for Global Media and Communications, SOAS, University of London
64. Dr. Adam Hanieh, Reader in Development Studies, SOAS, University of London
65. Dr. Feyzi Ismail, Senior Teaching Fellow, SOAS, University of London
66. Professor Tim Jacoby, Global Development Institute, University of Manchester, UK
67. Miss. Safa Joudeh, PhD candidate, SOAS, University of London
68. Professor Deniz Kandiyouti, Professor of Development Studies, Department of Development Studies, SOAS, University of London
69. Professor Vrasidas Karalis, Sir Nicholas Laurantus Professor of Modern Greek, Chair of Modern Greek Department, University of Sydney
70. Professor John Keane, Director, Sydney Democracy Network (SDN), University of Sydney
71. Professor Laleh Khalili, Professor of Middle East Politics, SOAS, University of London
72. Dr. Hendrik J. Kraetzschmar, Associate Professor in the Comparative Politics of the Middle East and North Africa, University of Leeds
73. Dr. Sune Haugbølle, Associate Professor, University of Roskilde
74. Professor Ray Bush, Professor of International Relations, Comparative Politics and Political Economy, University of Leeds
75. Dr Leila El Houssi, adjunct professor, Università degli studi di Padova
76. Dr. Lars Peter Laamann, Senior Lecturer, History Department, SOAS, University of London
77. Dr. Bridget O'Laughlin, Associate Professor of Population and Development (ret.), Erasmus University, The Hague, The Netherlands
78. Dr. Alana Lentin, Associate Professor in Cultural and Social Analysis, University of Western Sydney
79. Dr. Mark LeVine, Prof of History, UC Irvine and Lund University
80. Dr CAROLINE LIPOVSKY, Senior Lecturer, University of Sydney
81. Dr Alice Loda, Lecturer in Italian Studies, The University of Technology in Sydney
82. Dr. Hettie Malcomson, Associate Professor of Ethnomusicology, University of Southampton
83. Professor Sandro Mezzadra, Professor in Political Theory, Università di Bologna
84. Dr Vivienne Matthies-Boon, Assistant Professor, University of Amsterdam
85. Dr. Arturo Marzano, Associate Professor, University of Pisa
86. Dr. Satoshi Miyamura, Senior Lecturer, Department of Economics, SOAS, University of London
87. Thomas van der Molen, PhD Student, SOAS, University of London
88. Dr. Andrew Newsham, Lecturer in International Development, Department of Development Studies & Centre for Development, Environment & Policy, SOAS, University of London
89. Cecilia Palombo, PhD student, Near Eastern Studies, Princeton University, USA
90. Dr Renata Pepicelli, Assistant Professor, University of Pisa
91. Dr. Daniela Pioppi, Associate Professor, Contemporary History of Arab Countries, University of Naples 'L'Orientale', Italy
92. Dr. Paola Rivetti, Senior Lecturer in international relations, Dublin City University, Ireland
93. Dr. Ruba Salih, Reader, Department of Anthropology, SOAS, University of London
94. Professor Ashwani Saith, Emeritus Professor, International Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, The Netherlands
95. Prof Armando Salvatore, Professor of Global Religious Studies (Society and Politics, McGill University
96. Prof, Glenda Sluga, ARC Laureate Fellow, Professor of International History, University of Sydney
97. Dr. Lucia Sorbera, Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Arabic Language and Cultures, The University of Sydney, NSW
98. Dr. Barbara Sorgoni, Prof of contemporary history, University of Turin
99. Dr Ewan Stein, Senior Lecturer, University of Edinburgh
100. Dr Andrea Teti, Senior lecturer in International Relations, University of Aberdeen, UK
101. Prof. Alberto Tonini, Associate Professor in international relations, Universita’ di Firenze
102. Dr. Fabio Vicini, Assistant Professor of Sociology and Anthropology, Department of Political Science and International Relations, Istanbul 29 May University, Turkey
103. Dr Ilaria Vanni, Associate Professor in Italian studies, University of Technology, Sydney (NSW)
104. Professor Lynn Welchman, School of Law, SOAS, University of London, UK
105. Professor Allison Weir, Research Professor, Australian Catholic University
106. Professor Sami Zemni, University of Ghent
107. Dr. Serena Tolino, University of Hamburg, Junior Professor for Islamic Studies
108. Dr. Cristiana Fiamingo, Università degli Studi di Milano
109. Dr Gennaro Gervasio, Roma Tre University, Italy
110. Professor John Esposito, Georgetown University, USA
111. Professor Linda Herrera, University of Illinois
112. Professor Asef Bayat, Sociology, University of Illinois
113. Professor Ziad ElMarsafy, University of York, UK
114. Dr Alessandra Mezzadri, Senior Lecturer in Development Studies SOAS
115. Dr Hassan Hakimian, SOAS, University of London
116. Dr. Latif Tas, SOAS, University of London
117. Paolo Novak, SOAS, University of London
118. Dr Justin Pearce, Lecturer, POLIS, University of Cambridge
119. Dr Owen Holland, Jesus College, University of Oxford
120. Dr Ella McPherson, Lecturer, Department of Sociology, University of Cambridge
121. Dr Lucy McMahon, University of Cambridge and School of Advanced Study, University of London
122. Dr. Nadine Naber, UIC
123. Professor Jens Hanssen, Universities of Toronto & Göttingen
124. Dr Nick Evans, Junior Research Fellow, Clare College, Cambridge
125. PhD Student Ayse Polat, University of Cambridge
126. Samuel Carlshamre, Lector in Arabic, FAMES, University of Cambridge
127. Professor Ha-Joon Chang, University of Cambridge
128. Professor Joshua Stacher, Associate Professor, Kent State University
129. Blake Gutt PhD student, University of Cambridge
130. Dr. Jeff Miley, Lecturer of Political Sociology, University of Cambridge
131. PhD student Hakan Sandal, University of Cambridge
132. Dr Gay Meeks, Senior Research Associate in Development Studies, University of Cambridge
133. Mr. Sahil Shah, Alumnus, University of Cambridge
134. Ms Suzanne Adely, Lawyer
135. Dr Elizabeth Dzeng, Assistant Professor of Medicine and Sociology, University of California, San Francisco
136. Professor Bhaskar Vira, University of Cambridge
137. Dr. Miriam Lowi The College of New Jersey
138. Anel Kulakhmetova, Centre of Development Studies, University of Cambridge
139. Dr Emma Mawdsley, University of Cambridge
140. Nate George, PhD Candidate, Rice University
141. Professor Jessica Winegar, Northwestern University
142. Dr Rochelle Davis, Georgetown University
143. Dr Eliza Garnsey, University of Cambridge
144. PhD Student Mihiri Warnasuriya, University of Cambridge
145. Ms Shima Shahbazi PhD candidate, University of Sydney
146. Dr Alia Al-Kadi
147. Professor Elisabetta Basile, Professor of Development Economics, University of Rome La Sapienza
148. Professor Claudio Cecchi, Professor of Environmental Economics, University of Rome La Sapienza
149. Dr Rossella Ferrari, Reader, SOAS University of London
150. Professor Richard Farndale, Department of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge
151. Ms Lorena Gazzotti, PhD student in Development Studies, University of Cambridge
152. Dr. Geoffrey Edwards, POLIS University of Cambridge
153. Dr Eva Nanopoulos, Lecturer, Queen Mary University of London
154. Visiting Assistant Professor Sobhi Samour, Al-Quds Bard College
155. Hande Güzel, PhD candidate in Sociology
156. Professor William Brown, Emeritus Professor, Faculty of Economics, Cambridge University
157. Dr Maryam Tanwir, University of Cambridge
158. Dr Stephanie Diepeveen, Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Cambridge
159. Ms. Rainbow Wilcox
160. Dr Houshang Ardavan, Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge
161. Dr Rosemary Sayigh, CAMES, American University of Beirut
162. Dr. Rafeef Ziadah, Lecturer, SOAS University of London
163. Dr Vanja Hamzić, Senior Lecturer in Legal History and Legal Anthropology, SOAS, University of London
164. Mr Fati Ibrahim, MPhil student, Department of Development Studies
165. Dr Lucie Ryzova, Senior Lecturer in Middle East History, University of Birmingham, UK
166. Dr Matilde Adduci, University of Turin, Italy
167. Professor Alfio Mastropaolo, Department of Culture, Politics and Society, University of Turin, Italy
168. Ashton Brown, PhD Candidate, University of Cambridge
169. Dr Tania Toffanin, Senior Researcher University of Padua
170. Dr. Fabio Gygi, SOAS, University of London
171. Ms Estelle Wolfers, PhD student, University of Cambridge
172. Dr. Toufic Haddad
173. Dr Charles Jones, Emeritus Reader in International Relations
174. Professor Hanan Hammad, Associate Professor of History and Director of Middle East Studies, Texas Christian University
175. Dr. Tessa Farmer, University of Virginia
176. Mr Amir Lebdioui, University of Cambridge
177. Avneet Kaur, PhD candidate, University of Cambridge
178. Professor Nefertiti Takla, Manhattan College
179. Professor Ellis Goldberg, Professor Emeritus, University of Washington
180. Dr. Valentina Pazé, Associate Professor
181. Maria Hengeveld, PhD Student, University of Cambridge
182. Dr. Corinna Mullin, Research Associate, London Middle East Institute
183. Ms Dima Krayem, PhD student, University of Cambridge
184. PhD Candidate Halimatou Hima Moussa Dioula, University of Cambridge
185. Mr Matthew Fright, Centre of Development Studies, University of Cambridge
186. Ms Nabila Idris, PhD student, University of Cambridge
187. Dr. Samah Selim, Rutgers University
188. Dr Najat Abdulhaq, Lecturer at Friedriche Alexander Universität
189. Professor Christa Salamandra, Professor of Anthropology, City University of New York
190. Dr. Francesco Correale, Centre Nationale pour la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), France
191. Professor Joel Beinin, Donald J. McLachlan Professor of History, Stanford University
192. Ms Pakkamol Siriwat, PhD Candidate, Center of Development Studies, University of Cambridge
193. Associate Professor, Sherene Seikaly, Univesrity of California at Santa Barbara
194. Dr Pietro Saitta, Senior Researcher and Lecturer, University of Messina
195. Dr. Rosita Di Peri, University of Turin, Italy
196. Dr. Leonardo Schiocchet
197. Professor Karam Dana, University of Washington, Bothell
198. Professor Caroline Humphrey, Emeritus Professor of Social Anthropology, University of Cambridge
199. Dr. Anouk de Koning, Radboud University Nijmegen
200. Ms Wiebe Ruijtenberg, PhD candidate in Anthropology, Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands
201. Dr Francesco De Lellis, Università di Napoli L'Orientale
202. Dr. Stefano Portelli, Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Leicester and Harvard University
203. Dr. Laura McMahon, Gonville and Caius College, University of Cambridge
204. Professor Malek Abisaab, McGill University
205. Miss Julie Hutchinson, University of Cambridge
206. Dr Alice Krozer, Centre of Development Studies, University of Cambridge
207. Mr Tiago Carvalho, PhD Student, University of Cambridge
208. Mr Max Paulus, ETH Zurich
209. Ms Gihan Abouzeid, Master
210. Dr Reem Abou-El-Fadl, Lecturer, SOAS, University of London
211. Professor Annelies Moors, University of Amsterdam
212. Nungari Mwangi, PhD student, Centre of Development Studies, University of Cambridge
213. Taskeen Adam, University of Cambridge
214. Dr Hatsuki Aishima, Associate Professor, National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka
215. Dr Hannes Baumann, University of Liverpool
216. Dra Barbara Azaola Piazza, Professor Arabic Studies, UCLMM
217. Dr Enrico De Angelis, University of Salerno
218. Waithera Sebatindira, University of Cambridge
219. Dr Nada Matta, Global Studies Department, Drexel University
220. Associate Professor and Chair Hani Sayed, Department of Law, The American University of Cairo
221. Declan O’Briain, Cambridge University alumni
222. Paola Velasco, University of Cambridge
223. Professor Salwa Ismail, Professor of Politics with reference to the Middle East, SOAS, University of London
224. Miss Utsa Sarmin MPhil Development Studies, Cambridge University
225. Professor Robert Gordon, Faculty of Modern & Medieval Languages, University of Cambridge
226. Dr Sossie Kasbarian, University of Stirling
227. Ms Sabine Amin, Austrian Academy of Sciences
228. Dr. Andrew Arsan, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of History, University of Cambridge
229. Dr Bashir Abu-Manneh, Reader, School of English, University of Kent
230. Professor Michaelle Browers, Wake Forest University
231. Professor Hanan Sabea, Associate Professor of Anthropology, American University in Cairo
232. Dr. Chad Haines, Arizona State University
233. Hana Sleiman, PhD student, University of Cambridge
234. Professor, Sherine Hamdy, Associate Professor of Anthropology, University of California, Irvine
235. Dr Deborah Brown, University of Cambridge
236. Ms Joy Stacey, PhD researcher, University of Sussex
237. Professor, Lila Abu-Lughod, Columbia University
238. Professor Hanan Hammad, TCU
239. Dr Saker El-Nour, IRD
240. Dr Dalia Wahdan, The American University of Cairo
241. Dr. Joseph Viscomi, Center for European and Mediterranean Studies, New York University
242. Dr. Natalya Naqvi, Princeton University
243. Master Eman Motawi, The American University of Cairo
244. Mr Galvin Chia, University of Camrbdige
245. Dr. Zuzanna Olszewska, Associate Professor in the Social Anthropology of the Middle East, University of Oxford
246. Dr. Mark Westmoreland, Leiden University
247. Dr Mohammed Ezzeldin Adjunct, The American University of Cairo
248. Dr Hiba Abu Hamda, Birzeit University
249. Dr Gabriele vom Bruck, Senior Lecturer
250. Dr Nicola Pratt, University of Warwick
251. Mr Easa Saad, Cambridge
252. Professor A. Haroon Akram-Lodhi, Trent University, Peterborough, Canada
253. Professor Norma Masriyyeh, Associate Professor, Birzeit University
254. Dr Danila Genovese, Post-doctoral Fellow, Università del Molise, Italy
255. Dr Pascale Hatcher, Political Science and International Relations, University of Canterbury
256. Ms Pia Walter
257. Dr. Denis Sullivan, Northeastern University
258. Dr. Brecht De Smet, Ghent University
259. Dr Burak Tansel, Lecturer in International Politics, University of Sheffield
260. Dr Samuli Schielke, Leibniz-Zentrum Moderner Orient
261. Carlotta Barranu University of Cambridge
262. Mr Iman Hamdy, Editor, The American University in Cairo
263. Dr Una McGahern, Newcastle University
264. Dr Abdalhadi Alijla, Institute for Middle East Studies, Canada
265. Miss Veronica Ferreri, SOAS, University of London
266. Dr Erin Snider, Texas A&M University
267. PhD Student Johannes Makar, Harvard University
268. Dr. Nicola Perugini, University of Edinburgh
269. Dr Fuad Musallam
270. Professor Annalisa Frisina, University of Padua
271. Professor Alessandro De Giorgi, Associate Professor, San Jose State University
272. Dr Miriyam Aouragh, University of Westminster
273. Dr Elena Zambelli, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
274. Professor Lynne Segal, Birkbeck, University of London
275. Ms Alaya Forte, SOAS, University of London
276. Dr Zahra Ali, Rutgers University
277. Professor Iain Chambers, Università di Napoli, "Orientale"
278. Dr Elisa Greco, University of Leeds
279. Professor Neve Gordon, Ben-Gurion University
280. Professor Philip Marfleet, University of East London
281. Ms Ruth Castel Branco, PhD student, Université of the Witwatersrand
282. Dr. Dina El-Sharnouby, Free University Berlin
283. Dr Elisabetta Brighi, University of Westminster
284. Dr Alba Rosa Suriano, Arabic language and literature, Unversity of Catania
285. Dr Marina Calculli, Leiden University
286. Dr Ronit Lentin, Trinity College Dublin
287. Dr. Walter Armbrust, University of Oxford
288. Dr James Eastwood, Queen Mary University of London
289. Dr. Chandana Mathur, National University of Ireland, Maynooth
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291. PhD candidate Stella Morgana, Leiden University
292. Dr Christian Henderson, Leiden University
293. Dr Gülçin Erdi, CNRS
294. Dr Roman Stadnicki, University of Tours
295. Dr Harry Browne, Senior Lecturer in Media, Dublin Institute of Technology
296. Dr Anna Perraudin, CNRS, Université de Tours
297. Dr Mohamed Fall Ould-Bah, CEROS, Nouakchott
298. Dr méd. Emmanuel Martinoli
299. Professor Pamela Abbott, University of Aberdeen
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301. Mr James Morris, University of Cambridge
302. Mr Francesco Amoruso, PhD Candidate, University of Exeter
303. Professor Anna Madoeuf, University of Tours
304. Dr Alessandro Columbu, The University of Manchester
305. Dr. Pritish Behuria, Global Development Institute, University of Manchester
306. Dr Francesco Vacchiano, Institute of Social Sciences, University of Lisbon
307. Professor Angela Joya, Assistant Professor, University of Oregon
308. Dr Gillian Kennedy, King’s College London
309. Associate Professor Julian Saurin, Middle East Technical University, NCC
310. Dr Daniela Lai, London School of Economics and Political Science
311. Dr Sara de Simone, University of Trento
312. Dr. Ebony Coletu, Pennsylvania State University
313. Dr Cristina Flesher Fominaya, University of Aberdeen
314. Ms Árdís Ingvars, University of Iceland
315. Libre recherche Msilta Leila, Universite D'Alger
316. Dr Daniela Cherubini , Ca' Foscari University Venice
317. Professor Bruce Stanley, Adjunct Professor, Richmond University
318. Mr Sherif Mohyeldeen, Master candidate Durham University
319. Dr Hanan Toukan, Brown University
320. Dr. Abdel Razzaq Takriti, Associate Professor and AAEF Chair in Modern Arab History, University of Houston
321. Dr Marta Pappalardo, Postdoctoral Researcher, University Grenoble Alpes
322. Mr Jannis Julien Grimm, Doctoral Fellow, Freie Universität Berlin
323. Prof. Dr. Cilja Harders, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany
324. Ms. Nayera Abdelrahman, Free University Berlin
325. Phd candidate Zara Fournier, University of Tours
326. Dr. Nikolas Kosmatopoulos American University of Beirut
327. Janine Budich, Freie Universität Berlin
328. Dr Vincent Durac, University College Dublin
329. Ms Sophia Hornbacher-Schönleber PhD Student, University of Cambridge
330. Dr Dalia Mostafa, University of Manchester
331. PhD candidate Sarah Hartmann
332. Ms. Shehnaz Abdeljaber, University of Pennsylvania, MLA Candidate
333. Dr Ken MacDonald, University of Toronto
334. Dr Andrew Robinson, freelance
335. Ilka Eickhof, American University Cairo
336. Kenza Yousfi, University of Texas at Austin
337. Esther Blokbergen Student - University of Amsterdam
338. Camillo Casola PhD Candidate, Università di Napoli "L'Orientale"
339. Laura Menin Senior reseach fellow, University of Milano Bicoccs
340. Dr Leslie Piquemal (formerly) IEP-Paris, CEDEJ
341. Dr Antonio Pezzano Università di Napoli "l'Orientale"
342. Dr Jeffrey Sluka Massey University, New Zealand
343. Dr Catherine Trundle Anthropology, Victoria University of Wellington
344. Dr. Christian Williams Department of Anthropology, University of the Free State
345. Ida Sognnaes PhD student, University of Cambridge
346. Dr Filippo Zerilli University of Cagliari
347. Eizel Hilario President, Ugnayang-Aghamtao, Inc. - Anthropological Association of the Philippines
348. Ms. RSJ Briggs Etudiante, Université d'Aix-Marseille
349. Ms Annalena Di Giovanni PhD Candidate, University of Cambridge
350. Dr Hussein Omar Pembroke College, Oxford
351. Dr Suneela Mubayi PhD graduate, arabic literature NYU
352. Dr Erika Biagini Dublin City University
353. Ms Amina Diab University of York
354. Sinibaldo De Rosa University of Exeter and Cardiff University
355. Benedetta Serapioni PhD Candidate, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
356. Dr Barbara Zollner Lecturer in Middle East Politics
357. PhD Student Marta Scaglioni
358. Dr Roberto Roccu King's College London
359. Habiba Al Awady American university in Cairo
360. Dr. Francesca Helm University of Padova, Italy
361. Tanya Monforte McGill University and former director of the human rights program at the American University in Cairo
362. Dr Ugo Rossi University of Turin
364. Dr Ivan Panović assistant professor, Linguistics & Multilingual Studies, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
365. Professor Alessandro Melchiorri University of Rome, Italy
366. Dr Hatem Bey Cairo University
367. Dr Olivia Santovetti Associate Professor in Italian, University of Leeds
368. Dr. Soha Bayoumk Harvard University
369. Ms Ellen Kendall University of Cambridge
370. Amy Jaffa University of Oxford
371. Mr Matthew Mahmoudi PhD student in Development Studies, University of Cambridge
372. Aslisho Qurboniev PhD Candidate, University of Cambridge
373. Mr James King University of Cambridge
374. Dr Shuruq Naguib Lancaster University
375. Professor Monica Greco Goldsmiths, University of London
376. Dr. Arang Keshavarzian New York University
377. Dr. Sherif Elsharkawy Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development
378. Rasha Yahya Doctor of paediatrics
379. Dr. Amy Austin Holmes American University in Cairo
380. Dr Maher Hamoud Ghent University - Belgium
381. Dr Rola El-Husseini Lund university
382. Prof Rossella Selmini University of Minnesota, Department of Sociology
383. Dr. Mostafa Ngm Medicine & language
384. Abdou Moussa El-Bermawy Researcher, Project for Democratic Transition in Arab States, Arab Center for Research
385. Prof. Setrag Manoukian mcgill University
386. Mr. Ehaab Abdou McGill University, Canada
387. Michal Ratynski University of Cambridge
388. prof. Corrado Tornimbeni University of Bologna
389. Dr Cesare Poppi University of Bozen/Bolzano
390. Lorenzo Feltrin University of Warwick
391. Professor Anh Nga Longva Department of Social Anthropology, University of Bergen
392. Professor Samer Shehata University of Oklahoma

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