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Montreal Vulkan Developer Day Survey
We appreciate you taking a moment to give us feedback on the Vulkan Developer Day. This will be used to determine what we should repeat for future events and what to improve
How did you find out about the Vulkan Developer Day?
What is your industry or area of focus? (please check all that apply)
How familiar are you with Vulkan?
How would you rate your proficiency with Vulkan? (1=Beginner, 5=Advanced)
Please rate your satisfaction with the content at of the Vulkan Developer Day (1=Lowest, 5=Highest)
What did you think about the pace of the day?
Do you have any feedback on the session contents?
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Which topics would you like us to cover at future Vulkan events/webinars/tutorials?
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Please rate your satisfaction with on-site registration (organization, information) (1=Lowest, 5=Highest)
Please rate your satisfaction with catering (1=Lowest, 5=Highest)
Please rate your satisfaction with the event location and meeting space (1=Lowest, 5=Highest)
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Please share if you have any suggestions for our future events or other comments
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