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Lougheed Area Awards Nomination Form
The awards nominating process at Lougheed Area is an easy two steps:

STEP 1: If you are the nominator, fill out the Application for Provincial Awards (R.3P) and email form to

STEP 2: Nominator and Guiders who are supplying support letters, fill out the Lougheed Area Awards Nomination Online Form.

This Lougheed Area Awards Nomination Online Form can be used if you are either nominating a fellow Guider for an award, or you are being asked to support the nomination of a fellow Guider for an award.

The form will guide you through the process of writing a nomination or supporting letter by prompting you with questions that will give the Awards Committee an insight into the accomplishments of the Guider being nominated. Please follow the directions on the form as you fill in each section. The bar at the bottom will display your progress.

If you do not feel that you can support this nomination, please send an email to so that the committee is aware and not expecting support information from you.

Thank you for supporting the great work our Guiders do in Lougheed Area!
The Lougheed Area Awards Committee
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