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PayX Token Special Giveaway Event!
<PayX Token PAX100+100 Special Gift Event>
PayX special gift event will be held.
When you attend the event, 100 PAX will be given. Additionally, when you write introducer's name, he will also get 100 PAX.

How to join the event?

1. Answer every questions below.

2. Join PayX Tellegram Channel

3. In August, you will receive an e-mail from PayX when KYC is possible.(before then, KYC is not possible)

4. Then get into PayX website, finish KYC, and you can check whether you joined the event or not.

5. If you verify the statement that says you joined the event, there is no problem. However, when you are unable to find the statement, send an e-mail to
(you can only check the fact that you've joined the event. PayX Tokens will be provided on August 16th)

※ Join PayX Tellegram Channel. You'll get more information about PayX
※ If tellegram doesn't work, that's because tellegram is not installed in your PC or Cellphone. Install tellgram first then try again.
※If you have any question, please contact to .
※PayX Tokens will be provided on August 16th

Email address (This address will be used to double check before token offering from
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Phone number ( It will be used for ID Check, and verifying the event)
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Introducer email address (If you have, the introducer will get additional 100 PAX. *Please fill in the referral email) *
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