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2020 Specialty Booth Application
Thank you for your interest in setting up a booth at the Downtown Growers' Market (DGM). The DGM defines a “specialty booth” as any booth that is not considered a grower, prepared food vendor, artist, health and wellness vendor, or business presence for promotional purposes*. To be considered for a space, your application must be aligned with the DGM mission statement**. At this time we are not able to host political groups/political parties, campaigning, or religious groups at the market. We also are not able to permit anyone roaming and collecting signatures for a cause/petition, etc.

Because there are a limited number of booth spaces available, we ask that all applications be submitted at least two weeks before your requested set up date.

Please read the specialty booth guidelines, before moving on to the application below.

1) All approved specialty booth vendors must remain in their booths during market. Please do not leave your booth to solicit.
2) Specialty booth fees are waived.
3) Collection of money in any form (sale, donations, etc) is not allowed during the market.
4) No set up equipment is provided. Vendors must bring their own tent, tables, chairs, etc. At Robinson Park we require all vendors to provide ground covering for their booth as well, see our Rules and Regulations for more details.
5) Specialty booths must adhere to the Rules and Regulations of the DGM (located on the DGM website:

*If you are a business looking to set up a booth for promotional purposes, please email the market manager for the regular vendor application (
**The Downtown Growers’ Market’s mission is to support and promote local agriculture, small business development and community engagement in order to better the economics, health, well being and education of New Mexico residents and visitors.
1. Please tell us how much room you'll need at the Market. A full space is 10ftx10ft and will fit a pop up tent if desired. A half space is 5ftx10ft and good for those looking to bring just one table. *
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2. Please list your organization/group name. *
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3. If possible, please provide a link for more information about your organization (website, Facebook, etc). *
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4. Please list your name. *
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5. Please list your phone number *
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6. Please list your email address. *
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7. Please check which category your booth falls under: *
8. Briefly describe your booth proposal. What do you plan to do at market? *
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9. The Downtown Growers' Market is open every Saturday, 8am-12pm from April 13-November 2. Please check which dates you would like to come to market.
Thank you! Management will contact you as soon as possible.
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