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ALL Parents/Guardians
Please complete survey by providing honest answers and suggestions.
On a scale of 1 to 5, please answer the following questions below:

1: Absolutely Not
2: Mostly No
3: Maybe
4: Mostly Yes
5: Definitely Yes
Are you pleased with Youth Development Ministry (YDM)? *
Are the leaders of Youth Development Ministry (YDM) doing a good job?
Is the church meeting the needs of your children (academically and spiritually)?
Does your child/children complain about Sunday School?
Does your child/children ever complain that their Sunday School class is boring?
Do you feel that Sunday School is pointless?
Do you think that the Youth Altar Call is making an impact on your child/children?
Do you think the Youth Altar Call speakers are effective?
What can we do to improve our Youth Department and Sunday School? Please provide your answer below.
Your answer
What would you like to see in the future? Please provide your answer below.
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Do you feel welcomed on Sundays?
Do you enjoy the preaching?
Do you enjoy the singing?
How do your kids travel to church?
How often do you attend NFBCT church services?
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