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Liberation Community Committee
We want YOU to be involved in our liberation activity - whether it’s deciding on campaigns, organising events during Liberation History Months or being a liberation rep for your club/society, get involved now. Signing up to these committees means you will be the first to be consulted on change and be signed up to our liberation newsletter. The committee is commitment free, so you will be able to be involved in the projects that matter to YOU. So, if you self-identify as a BME, Woman, Disabled, Trans, LGBTQ or International student, read on...

There is two ways to get involved:

Sign up to be a member of the committee here. This means you represent yourself from your own liberation group (Open to join all year round!)

Sign up to be a liberation representative of a club/society through our website. This means that in when you offer your thoughts or produce activity, you will be doing so on the behalf of a club/society, for example you would become the “BME Rep for Happy Calm Knitting”. To do so, go on the website, go to - Get Involved > Student Groups and Activities >Societies, Sports Clubs and Communities List > *Group you would like to run in the election for* > *Rep you self-identify as* (Open between 29th April - 7th May initially)

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