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AIWN Application for 2018 Speaker Presentations - Deadline October 31
AIWN is currently accepting applications for speakers to fill our speaker series that takes place at Druid Hills Golf Club on the 3rd Tuesday of the month several times a year.

Complete this application in its entirety and send a resume to no later than October 31, 2017.

We will contact you by December 14, 2017 to let you know of our decision.

If you are selected, the following materials, for use in our marketing promotions, will be due by December 31:
• Your company logo (digital format)
• A head-shot picture of you (digital format)

Guidelines for AIWN Presentations:

Subject Matter: We are looking for business topics that are particularly interesting for women who own or manage a business. It is important that your talk be an educational one, and not a sales presentation. (However, you may use handouts to promote your business.) The audience will be comprised of both members and guests of AIWN.
Time Limit: 45 minutes including Q & A.

Supplies: A projector and screen are available from the club; please request these on your application. Speakers are responsible for bringing a laptop, and any other visual aids or handouts needed. Pass out any handouts or promotional materials before the meeting begins.

Please send any questions to
We look forward to receiving your application.

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