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What is the Good Food Trade Show?
FamilyFarmed's Good Food EXPO is celebrating its 15th anniversary, March 22-23, 2019 at Chicago's UIC Forum! The Good Food Trade Show, a key feature of the EXPO, is scheduled for Friday, March 22, and it addresses, discusses and informs about the wide range of issues affecting the fast-growing Good Food movement. The programming reflects the many growing markets and roles related to Good Food, which FamilyFarmed defines as delicious and healthy food grown as locally as possible using sustainable, humane and fair practices.

The goals of the Good Food EXPO are to connect food buyers with producers and growers; expand local procurement capacity; engage school food professionals; provide a forum to discuss local, statewide and national food policy issues affecting the production, distribution and access to Good Food; educate the public about the importance and impact of Good Food; and so much more.

In addition to the educational tracks, Friday's Good Food Marketplace trade floor features more than 100 local and sustainable farmers, artisanal food producers and distributors. Since its beginning in 2004, this trade show has been the centerpiece of FamilyFarmed's annual big gathering, the nation's oldest and biggest event focused entirely on local and sustainable food. And to conclude the day-long Conference, the Good Food Industry Networking Reception provides an great opportunity to meet and network with business leaders, buyers and producers.

When and Where?
Date is Friday, March 22, 2019.
Location is UIC Forum, 725 W. Roosevelt Road, Chicago, Illinois.
RFP Details
The Good Food Trade Show provides farmers, producers, buyers, wholesalers, retailers, schools, institutions, entrepreneurs and industry stakeholders with opportunities to meet to share ideas, access new markets, develop their businesses, increase local sourcing, and discuss new policy developments.

Good Food, as defined by Family Farmed, is delicious food grown and produced responsibly, and as locally as possible, in order to enhance the social, economic and environmental health of our local communities. Presentations should focus on providing attendees useful information to assist in the understanding and propagation of the Good Food industry. The best presentations clearly identify what the key takeaways will be for event attendees.

The Trade Show will have a thematic emphasis on the EXPO's 15th Anniversary, and there will be programming that focuses on the impacts that the Good Food movement has had since 2004 in building a better food system.

There are, however, NO restrictions on presentation submissions. Examples may include:
- Industry trends
- Good Food business and marketing strategies
- Education and information on food safety
- Farming conservation strategies
- Transitioning to organic and regenerative farming practices
- Impact of Good Food on human health
- Impact of Good Food on economic development and job creation
- Increasing access to Good Food (Good Food on Every Table)
- How to create a Good Food business
- Improvement of Good Food distribution and supply chain
- Retail, wholesale, school or institutional purchasing
- Traditional media outreach, social media, public relations


Length of presentations: 75 minutes (one hour, 15 minutes)

Size of Panel: typically four (4) topic experts: one moderator and three panelists

Deadline and Notification
Submissions are due by Friday, December 7, 2018 and will be reviewed by our selection committee. You will receive an email or call within one month of your submission about the committee's determination.

Questions about submissions can be sent to Please put "RFP INQUIRY" in the subject line.

RFP Questions
In order to complete this electronic submission, please be prepared to provide the following information.

- Your contact information and your related industry experience
- The topic or category of your presentation
- A marketing title for your presentation
- Panelists you would like to include in your presentation with name, company and title
- Your proposed presentation in a few paragraphs
- The goal of your program and the audience takeaways
- A highlight of your experience as it relates to the proposed topic
- Any additional information you believe relevant to your selection

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