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STEM High Athletics Registration Form, Emergency Information, and STEM Student-Athlete Policy Agreements- Must be completed for EACH sport season
You must fill this out in addition to the other required paperwork in order to be eligible for STEM High Athletics. ALL responses are PRIVATE and will only be seen by the coaches and Athletic Director. Please note, we use Google for all our forms, calendars, and scheduling. Please record email addresses that can access these google applications.
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STEM High School Student Athlete Code of Conduct
Student athletes are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that is compatible with the school’s function as an educational facility, and in accordance with school, district and CHSAA policies and regulations at all times. Please refer to the student handbook for the behavioral expectations of all STEM students and consequences when these expectations are not met. Refunds will NOT be given as a result of violating or failure to abide by ANY of the following expectations and/or policies or expectations and/or policies set fourth by the student handbook.

In addition, STEM has established specific expectations by which the young men and women who participate in interscholastic activities are required to abide. Students and a parent/guardian are required to sign a copy of the Code of Conduct form and return it to STEM, indicating their understanding of these expectations and consequences.

This agreement will remain in effect through the entirety of the school year, during all breaks, including weekends, vacations and holidays, and regardless of whether the student is on or off school property. It is understood that their are team functions where members may or may not be present. In the case of behavior occurring at a team function, the entire team will face repercussions of the team’s actions.

As a student athlete, I understand that is it my responsibility to:
Place academic achievement and integrity as the highest priority
Represent myself, my team, and my school in the highest manner of behaving, knowing that I am setting an example for others to follow
Display good sportsmanship: exhibit fair play and proper conduct both on and off the playing field, remembering that I represent STEM High School and my team at all times
Show respect for teammates, opponents, coaches and game official, respecting their integrity and judgment
Refrain from using profanity, vulgarity and other offensive language or gestures during practice and competition
Attend all practices and games. In the event of any situation prohibiting my attendance, I will communicate this information to my coach in the manner prescribed by him/her ahead of time. I understand that failure to attend a practice will result in reduced game playing time. In the event of an emergency, exceptions are understood to take place
I must be in school for at least 5 class periods, unless for a designated or excused absence, as a requirement for participation in any game occurring on the same day/evening. I must return to school by the time specified by my coach if the contest takes place in the morning. Failure to do so will result in an unexcused absence for the entire day
Win with character, lose with dignity

Any violation of the above-mentioned responsibilities will be handled by the coach, the athletic director and/or the principal. The severity of the consequences will be determined by the coach, the athletic director and/or the principal.
Drug, Alcohol or Tobacco use, possession or distribution

Student athletes are not to (regardless of quantity) use, be under the influence of, possess, sell, distribute, or procure any amount of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, other controlled substances, or drug paraphernalia at any time. This excludes the appropriate use of prescribed medicines for medical conditions, injuries, and ailments.

First Violation

The student athlete shall be suspended for the next two immediate and consecutive contests during the competitive season. If the season ends before the full suspension is served, the remaining suspensions shall be applied to the next sport or season by the athletic director or principal. The suspended player must be present at all practices and games. It is the coach’s discretion as to the level of participation at practice.

Second Violation

The student athlete shall be suspended for one full calendar year (365 days) from the date of the infraction. The suspended player must be present at all practices and games. It is the coach’s discretion as to the level of participation at practice.

Third Violation

If a third violation occurs within the students athlete’s high school enrollment, the student athlete will be suspended from ALL athletic participation for the remainder of his or her high school enrollment at STEM High School

Further, in some cases where a team gathering has led to inappropriate behavior and poor decision-making (e.g., drinking at an off-campus party or hazing) it may be impossible to determine precisely which students are responsible. In cases such as these, the school reserves the right to impose consequences on the entire team, including game suspensions for all students and/or community service depending on the severity of the actions. In addition, if an offense occurs at the end of a season, the consequences will carry over into the athletes’ next season.

Unlawful or delinquent behavior

An unlawful or delinquent act is a violation of any civil or criminal statute, ordinance, regulation or court order (except for minor traffic offenses) including, but not limited to civil rights violations, theft, vandalism, destruction of property or other misdemeanors and felonies as defined by the Colorado Criminal Code. An athlete who pleads guilty, is found guilty or found to have committed a delinquent act by any court of law, pleads no contest to or dispositions through a settlement and charged with an unlawful act is also subject to sanctions in accordance with the STEM Code of Conduct. The principal, his designee, athletic director and/or coaches will decide the appropriate penalty for the athlete taking into consideration the seriousness of the offense, any harm or injury to person or property, the remorse of the athlete and any other relevant factors.

School Suspension

Athletes who are suspended from school under STEM student code of conduct are prohibited from participation in practices and interscholastic events during the length of the suspension.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct and Other Unacceptable Behavior

Unsportsmanlike conduct and other unacceptable behaviors not specifically covered in the STEM athletic and activities code of conduct, but which are contrary to the spirit of the STEM athletic and activities code of conduct, are subject to an appropriate penalty at the discretion of the athletic director and/or the principal, taking into consideration the seriousness of the offense, any harm or injury to person or property, the remorse of the athlete and any other relevant factors.

Violation of Team Rules and Regulations

Coaches may establish reasonable rules and regulations, subject to the approval of the athletic director and/or principal, for behavior not otherwise specified in the STEM athletic and activities code of conduct. Coaches may determine reasonable penalties for violation of team rules and regulations subject to the review of the athletic director and/or principal.

Due Process and Appeal Process

Student athletes will be provided due process. The student athlete is entitled to be informed of the infractions and an informal meeting where he/she has the opportunity to be heard before the athletic director. The athletic director shall render a written decision within one school day of the meeting. A student athlete and his/her parent(s) may appeal the athletic director’s decision to suspend to the building principal. The principal shall render a written decision within four school days of the consideration of the appeal. A suspension may be deferred pending the outcome of an appeal at the discretion of the athletic director or the principal. The principal’s decision will be final unless the suspension if for 50% or more of the season. In such a case, the student athlete and his/her parents may appeal within five days to STEM’s executive director and/or Dean of Students.

The consequences outlined previously represent minimum sanctions. The principal or designee may increase or modify these consequences in the particular case or in general as he or she deems appropriate. Nothing in these rules prohibits the principal, designee, athletic director or individual coaches from establishing and enforcing additional rules applicable to activities such as lessor different penalties for failing to exercise good sportsmanship at practices or competitions for failing to demonstrate good citizenship at school or school-sponsored events.

Academic Eligibility

At STEM, our focus is on academics just as “student” is the first word in “student athlete.” Yet, athletics and activities are privileges that students are encouraged to participate in. In order for each student athlete to be eligible to participate in his or her chosen sport/activity, he or she must maintain a grade of at least C grade in all core classes (SCIENCE, COMPUTER SCIENCE, ENGINEERING, MATHEMATICS, ENGLISH, SOCIAL STUDIES) and cannot be failing any class that student is enrolled in. Weekly grade checks will be completed based on the process included below and any academically ineligible students will not be allowed to participate until the next grade check occurs AND the grades are all C or higher.
One “D” grade will constitute suspension of practice and game privileges until the grade is brought up.
A combination of “F” grades and “D”grades may result in the suspension/dismissal from the team until the grades are brought up or for the remainder of the season.

Eligibility will be checked every Wednesday during the season. The Athletic Director, or a representative, will contact teachers to inquire about any students on the team who do not have at least a grade of C in a class. The student will remain ineligible until he/she can prove to the coach and/or Athletic Director the he/she is passing the class. This can be provided by each respective teacher in the form of an email or handwritten note, and must be received by the coach prior to the student’s reinstated eligibility. “Word of mouth,” and notes or emails from parents or the students themselves are not acceptable forms of proof.

In the event that a student cannot participate in an activity due to academic ineligibility, there will be no refund of fees for that activity.

A school administrator shall have the authority to declare a student ineligible based on inappropriate behavior, detention, excessive absences, suspension or expulsion.

Varsity Lettering Requirements

To be eligible for lettering in Athletics at STEM High, athletes must meet all general requirements set forth below. The final decision as to whether a student receives a varsity letter is ultimately up to the coach/coaching staff.
Even if a student meets all below listed requirements, they are not guaranteed a Varsity letter.
-1st year on Varsity team: The athlete will receive a letter (a large shield patch) and a sports specific pin
-2nd-4th year on Varsity team: The athlete will receive a sports specific pin
-Players must have a GPA of 2.0 or above for the entirety of the season to be eligible
-Student must attend and participate in a minimum of 80% of practices to be eligible (exceptions will be made for illness or injury WITH a doctor’s note)
-Students must attend and participate in a minimum of 80% of games to be eligible (exceptions will be made for illness or injury WITH a doctor’s note)

Game Eligibility and Practice

As with school attendance, ALL missed practices MUST be excused by the parent or guardian and communicated to the coach in a timely manner. White we understand that STEM is a highly rigorous school, “too much homework” is not a valid excuse for missing excessive practices. It is a STEM Athletics policy that to be eligible for game day participation, students MUST attend AT LEAST 80% of all practices, regardless of whether the absence is excused or unexcused (excepting sickness and other such personal emergencies). Failure to do so will result in ineligibility to play in upcoming games. How many games the player misses is at the coach’s discretion. Exceptions and special circumstances must be communicated to the coach and AD prior to the beginning of the sports season, and will be considered on a case-by-case basis (ie: if the student also participates in club sports and needs to attend these practices).
Type your full name and today's date below to acknowledge you (the student athlete) have read, understood and agree to abide by the STEM High School Student Athlete Code of Conduct. *
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STEM High School Parent/Guardian Code of Conduct
I understand my child is a student athlete, meaning they are a student first and athlete second.
I will refrain from coaching my child or other players during games and practices.
I will respect the officials and coaches and their authority during games and will never question, discuss or confront coaches at the game field. I will take the necessary steps to speak to coaches at an agreed upon time and place.
I will encourage my child to realize that their character and doing one’s best is more important than winning.
I will ensure that my child treat other players, coaches, officials, and spectators with respect regardless of race, creed, color, sex or ability.
I will promote the mental, emotional, physical, and social well being of the student athletes ahead of any personal desire I may have for my own child to win or perform.
I will not encourage any behaviors or practices that would endanger the health and well being of my own or any other student athlete or athletes.
I (and my guest or other attendees that I bring and/or invite) will be a positive role model for my child and encourage sportsmanship by showing respect and courtesy, and by demonstrating positive support for all players, coaches, officials and spectators at every game, practice or sporting event.
I (and my guest) will not engage in any kind of unsportsmanlike conduct with any official, coach, player or parent such as booing and taunting; refusing to shake hands; or using profane language or gestures.

I understand that any violation of this code of conduct will be cause for dismissal, suspension or permanent expulsion from future athletic or activity contests.
Type your full name and today's date below to acknowledge you (the parent/guardian) have read, understood and agree to abide by the parent’s code of conduct at all STEM High School sporting events. *
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Transportation Agreement
Unfortunately, STEM is not currently able to offer transportation to games or practices
Also, due to liability, coaches are NOT able to drive players to ANY games or practices, regardless of the situation
Players must be able to provide their own on-time transportation to and from all games and practices
Should a player fail to comply with this policy, the player will receive one warning. On the second occurrence, the player will be removed from the team from the remainder of the season with no refund.

If the student is planning on riding home with someone other than his/her parent or guardian, a written form of documentation must be given to the coach prior to transportation.
Type your full name and today's date below to acknowledge you (the parent/guardian) have read, understood and agree to abide by the transportation agreement. *
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