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Vivace! Private Instructor Recommendation Form
This form is designed to supplement your student's application to the Vivace! Program. Please help the Admissions Panel arrive at their decision by answering each of the following questions to the best of your ability.
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Does the student exhibit curiosity about new concepts and ideas? *
Does the student show a willingness to sing in lessons?
Does the student attend studio/performance classes (if applicable)? *
Does the student work well in group settings? (Group classes, studio class, duos, chamber groups, etc.) *
How would you characterize the student’s recital participation? (Involvement in Mason Arts Recitals, studio recitals, Spotlight on the Arts, festivals, talent shows, Mason Arts Competition, etc.) *
How long does it take the student to learn a piece at his or her current level? *
What is the student's chamber/ensemble experience? *
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Has the student demonstrated knowledge of the following music theory concepts? Check all that apply. *
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Please briefly explain. If yes, why do you think this student is a good fit for Vivace! and what do you hope he or she will gain from participating? *
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