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AlleyWatch: Women in NYC Tech Series

My name is Silvia Christmann, and I conceptualized this series to highlight women’s accomplishments in tech. This initiative was born out of my mission to empower women, showcase their work, and create a platform for their voices to be heard so we can move out of the shadows. You can read more about my goals and intentions for the Women in Tech series here:

Unfortunately, AlleyWatch has decided to take credit for this initiative. The sign-up form was moved without notifying me.

AlleyWatch is the largest organization focused on the NYC technology ecosystem and therefore seemed like a perfect partner to start a more inclusive discussion around the challenges facing women in tech, as well as amplifying their accomplishments. It quickly grew in popularity, further demonstrating that NYC is one of the best places in the US for women in tech to thrive.

Learning that we had secretly been removed as the driver of this initiative is truly ironic and yet not funny at all. Highlighting women in tech includes giving credit where credit is due. We are greatly saddened by this development, yet are hopeful that someday men will be true allies, and not just use us as a catalyst only to subsequently be secretly deleted and forgotten about.

Thank you all for participating in this initiative. We loved highlighting your work and contributions and will look for other outlets to continue to do so.

Your work matters, your voices matter!

And so does mine.

Silvia Christmann + Team

If you are a woman in tech and you're comfortable with this - and still want to be featured - then you can fill out this form:

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