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Sadville Post Roll-Out Questionnaire for Teachers
(to be completed and submitted AFTER receiving the complimentary books to your school)
Sadsville by Martin Roberts
School Name *
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What were your first impressions of the book?
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Has the story been pitched correctly for the reading age of children in Year 4?
What are your thoughts on the language used in the book? Would you suggest any changes to the vocabulary used in the story?
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What are your thoughts on the font size and format used?
If you answered 'could be better' above, please explain...
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Do you like the illustrations?
What about the length of the story?
How long does it take a child with an average Year 4 reading age to read the story from start to finish?
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Did the children remain engaged with the story throughout?
Having read Sadsville, do you think children will be more likely to be able to cope if they feel sad?
Is Sadsville and the teaching resources useful as part of your PSHE / wellbeing curriculum?
Did you present and read Sadsville as part of your school assembly or only to Year 4 class(es)?
Have you presented Sadsville to other year groups within your school?
Is this something you would consider doing?
Do you believe children in your school are now more aware of the NSPCC / Childline and their services?
Would you recommend Sadsville to other schools?
Did the children find ‘Herman’s Tips if you’re feeling sad’ helpful?
Do you think the children understood the concept of ‘Good Sad’ and ‘Bad Sad’?
Would you consider purchasing any other stories in the ‘Villes’ range?
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