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Left Coast Power Yoga: Yoga Teacher Training Application
Hello! Thanks for your interest in Yoga Teacher Training at Left Coast Power Yoga. The application below asks you to share a little about yourself, and outlines the demands—and limits—of the program. Please read this over carefully, and do some contemplation about it before you send in your application.

Program Requirements for Yoga Alliance Accredited 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training:

1. Regular Weekends: Dates: Jan 10th -12th, Jan 24th - 26th, Feb 7th - 9th, Feb 21st - 23rd, Mar 6th - 8th, Mar 20th - 22nd, April 3rd - 5th, Apr 17th - 19th, May 1st - 3rd, and May 8th - 10th.

The regular hours are Friday 6:30 - 9:30pm and Sat / Sun from 12:00 - 6:00pm. The location will be Left Coast Uptown: 554 16th St. There are 10 weekends of 15 hours each (150 hours), plus five 2-hour mentoring sessions (10 hours), totaling 160 contact hours.

NEW for 2020: We will have a mandatory Trainee Retreat to the Santa Cruz area encompassing our final weekend, which is May 8th - 10th. Please note: this is Mother's Day weekend and we will be finished Sunday, early afternoon. Although this retreat is designed for Trainees and staff only, if you have a young child, we will allow them and your partner to attend as well. Please email us to arrange this.

You may miss up to 6 of our 160 contact hours with no penalty, but after that, you must make up additional time in a private session at the rate of one hour per every three hours missed. The rate for a private session is $80/hour. If you miss more than 20 contact hours, you cannot make up the hours, and we cannot give you a teaching certificate, even if you have paid for your training. If you miss one full weekend, you can make it up with 3 private sessions. You may not miss more than one full weekend and still receive a certificate.

2. Mentoring Sessions: These sessions have two purposes: to give you the chance to more fully explore a topic already covered during regular training hours, and to enrich the topic by hearing a diversity of voices on about it. Each 2-hour Mentoring Session will be led by a Teacher Trainer. Small groups may meet whenever it works for them, but it must be a minimum of once a month from Jan - May. The dates will be chosen by the small group in January.

3. Yoga Class Attendance: You will be required to attend 2 Left Coast classes per week. This is outside of your 160 contact hours. Observation: You will be required to attend three classes over the course of your training using the Class Observation Sheet, with three different teachers. These are also outside of your 160 contact hours.

4. Homework: There will be short written homework assignments after most of our sessions.
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After reading the Program Requirements and consulting your calendar, do you feel that you can make this time commitment in 2020? *
Do you understand that if you miss more than 6 hours of training time, you will have to pay extra in order to make up the material you have missed? *
Do you understand that if you do not complete all Program Requirements, you will not receive a certificate? *
Financial Requirements: Current fees for the YTT program are $2800 (Early Bird), $3000 (Late Bird) and $3200 (Payment Plan - 5 Payments). These fees include all training, mentor group work, unlimited yoga classes during the training, and accommodation / food for our Final Weekend Retreat. Additionally, the books required will cost you around $70 - $100. We are willing to work with students on the timing of their Payment Plans. However, all fees need to be paid before Jan 10th, 2019. Are you able to pay the costs associated with Teacher Training? *
Psychological Requirements: Teaching yoga, and being trained to teach yoga, requires emotional maturity, resilience, and stability. Teacher Training is usually a small group of 14-20 people who are together for up to 180 hours. Interpersonal conflicts inevitably rise and fall, as in any small group. Additionally, some of the material will be simple and accessible to you, and some of it will be deeply unintuitive and challenging. We make every effort to empower your learning and create a harmonious learning environment. Do you feel that you are emotionally prepared to take on Yoga Teacher Training? *
Future Expectations: We are honored that students put their trust in us to provide them with a quality Yoga Teacher Training. We have a lot of confidence in our our program. However, we want to be clear from the outset that completion of the program is no guarantee that you will be offered employment at Left Coast Power Yoga. Are you comfortable with the idea that graduating from the Teacher Training Program does not necessarily mean that you will be offered employment? *
Please write 2-3 paragraphs on why you’d like to participate in this program. This simple act of writing down your intentions can be greatly illuminating to you and to the trainers. Please drop a quick email to when you send it in, so we can look for it. We will contact you after we have reviewed the application. Thank you for filling this out! *
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