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GNTC Producer Application
Please note that GNTC requires all producers to have worked in some capacity on a prior GNTC show before producing their first show for GNTC. Usually this is as a member of the Production Team. All applications will be carefully reviewed by the Board through a fair process.
Your name: Vicki Meyer *
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Your address:19395 Cedar Islands Court, Richmond, MN 56368 *
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Your mobile phone number:320-224-1371 *
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Tell us about yourself and why you would be a great producer for GNTC.
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The Mission of Great Northern Theatre Company is to foster, encourage and develop an appreciation of theater, particularly musical theater. We value: - enriching the lives of the people of Central Minnesota by engaging them in the power of live theater,-creating opportunities for children and adults to develop talents in all aspects of theater,-fostering the love of theater, music, the arts and social connections,-excellence, innovation, inclusiveness, collaboration, development, stewardship and fiscal integrity. Please share with us how your management style will further the mission and values of GNTC. *
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