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Boundaries in Homecare
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It is OK to borrow something from a client as long as you intend to bring it back. *
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Madeline frequently stays late and doesn’t write down the extra time on her time sheet—she doesn’t mind. She has also been known to bring a client food from her home and will bring her kids to see a client when she isn’t working. She will occasionally “bum” a cigarette from a client or borrow a movie. The clients don’t seem to mind. She frequently tells her client about all the difficulties she is having with her boyfriend and kids.                                                                                                                                                                                             List the 4 ways Madeline crossed boundaries:
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Joe works with a wheelchair bound client who cannot shovel the walk, so he shovels the snow in the winter. He enjoys the exercise. Joe often takes his client out to eat and pays for both of them. When Joe’s family went to Two Harbors for the day, he took his client with because he’d never been there before. He was off the clock for the trip. Joe often vents to his client about how difficult school is and how he wishes he had more money.                                                                                                                                                                                                        List the 4 ways Joe crossed boundaries:
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Jane cares for a child with behavior difficulties. It is difficult to stay at the client’s home due to the small apartment and chaos in the home. Jane takes the client with her to run personal errands and meets up with some of her friends at the mall. She occasionally takes her client to her apartment to play video games. If the client’s mom asks her to, she will at times keep her client overnight at her house. Jane often tells her boyfriend about all of the ways her client misbehaves.                                                           List the 4 ways Jane crossed boundaries:                                    
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I have read the Policy on Client Transportation and agree to follow this. I have asked any questions I have about this section.
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