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This newsletter is for general notifications.

Right now I am way behind on my current log, so I am activating notifications for now until I get all slots finished and completed. By signing up for this newsletter, if I have talked with you and your kit seems to be an okay fit for me to build confidently, I will put you on a list and will group these said individuals in an email blast. Depending on the build and if I have to mod anything in these said kits, I will respond to the ones that I feel I can confidently build at a 'reasonable' pace. I will go more into detail when I send out a test newsletter to those groups of individuals.

For drawing commissions I do accept slots, but keep in mind I only draw on weekends!


1) Please visit this form and fill out the proper fields =)



1) Be sure to read my GK commission info to the fullest. Keep in mind next year, some info will be briefed more (I know it's stupidly long currently) but I will update you of what all will be changed and briefed when the time comes.

2) After you have read my GK commission info, please head on over to my GK form for submitting the kit information. Only submit a form through the link below. You are not required to sign up for this newsletter you are viewing right now.


3) Once the form is submitted, I will try to get back as soon as possible and if my notification notifies me correctly, I will respond back.


Please Subscribe to my Youtube Channel for notifications as of when I livestream and upload any new cool content =)

If you wish to unsubscribe, simply reply to one of my newsletter replies that you wish to unsubscribe and you will be removed from the list and get a confirmation email =)

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