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Is your organisation women friendly?
If you are a working woman or man who empathizes with challenges women face when building careers,
then please spare 10 minutes to participate in our research to understand what makes organizations "women friendly".
Your inputs will be extremely valuable towards building workplaces where women can thrive and contribute their best.

Your responses are completely anonymous and you will be a part of thousands of other Indians responding to our questions.

Thanks in advance!
*Individuals, consultants or freelancers taking the survey could answer based on their experience with the last organisation they worked with
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What is your gender? *
In which city do you live? *
Are you a parent? *
What sector are you employed in? *
What industry are you working in? *
For how many years have you worked in this organisation? *
What level are you currently employed at? *
Some more questions about your job:
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Are you happy in your current role?
Do you hope to be promoted within 2 years?
Do you plan to stay in this job for more than 2 years?
Do you wish to hold a leadership role/be in the C-suite?
Has your gender prevented you from being promoted or getting a better role?
Have you ever faced Sexual Harassment in this organisation (physical or via words or body language)?
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How many employees are there in your organisation (approximately) *
What is the percentage of women in your organisation (roughly)? *
Can you estimate the gender split in your organisation at different levels? *
More men
More women
No idea
Support staff & admin
Junior level
Middle Level
Senior Level
Please rate the women-friendliness of your work-space along the following dimensions : *
Not good
Not provided
No idea
Safe location
Clean toilets
Security staff & CCTVs
Lactation room
Office transport for late hours
Space for pregnant women
Creche within premises
What is the length of fully paid maternity leave provided ? *
Is there an option of extended maternity leave?
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Is there any fully-paid paternity leave provided? *
Does your office have an internal complaints committee for Sexual Harassment? *
Is there a formal women's network to discuss issues? *
Is there a chance for women with breaks in the career/CV to be hired in your organisation? *
Does your office provide following benefits: *
Yes & I have benefited/used
Yes but I have not benefited/used
Not provided
Can't say
Flexible working hours
Work from home option
Training & upskilling
Deserved salary hikes
Deserved promotions
Networking opportunitites
Have you observed any of the following biases (tick as many): *
Finally, how would you rate the women-friendliness of your company? *
Not women friendly
Great place for women
Any other feedback or comment on the women-friendliness of your company?
If comfortable, please tell us the name of your organisation (only for research purposes, we won't disclose any names or shame anyone)
If you want a copy of our report in February 2019, please leave your email id.
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