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St Mary & St Andrews Children’s Consent Form
Thanks a lot for deciding to try out our Red Kite Muaythai. We try to maintain a fun yet responsible approach
to our training which means I would be most grateful if you would complete and sign this consent form. Some
of the questions may seem quite personal and you are not legally obliged to answer them. I would however
encourage an honest and frank approach and can assure you that your personal information will be used in
an appropriate fashion and for the purposes of safety only. I am happy to discuss any concerns regarding these points
and thank you for your assistance.
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Name of Child/Children *
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Name of Parent or Guardian *
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Telephone Number *
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Some times we like to take videos of training sessions or take photo's in class to help promote our club on social media/our website/marketing products. Please tick the relevant box below to say whether or not you're happy for your child to be involved in or their image to be used for any of the purposes described. * *
1) Does your child/children suffer from any medical condition that could affect their ability to train? Or are there any special requirements needed to help your child/children train effectively and safely? If so please provide details. *
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2) Has your child/children ever been convicted of a violent criminal offence? If so please provide details. *
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3) Where did you hear about The Red Kite School of Thai & Kickboxing?
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I understand and appreciate that whilst every effort is taken by The Red Kite School of Thai & Kickboxing and it’s instructors to ensure maximum safety during my training, due to the nature of Thai & Kickboxing, as with all physical activity, there are risks involved. In the unlikely event of an incident/accident occurring, I indemnify The Red Kite School of Thai & Kickboxing, it’s instructors and the martial arts school against any form of legal action. *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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