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Global Feminist Journeys (GFJ)
As we near the 25th anniversary of the Beijing Platform for Action adopted by governments in 1995, we are seeking input from feminists and women’s rights advocates around the world on which key events/developments/milestones since 1995 can be attributed to or were critically shaped by activism at the Beijing Fourth World Conference on Women and/or the consensus document known as the Beijing Platform for Action. The Beijing Platform for Action covered 12 critical areas where urgent action was needed by governments to ensure gender equality.

The Center for Women’s Global Leadership aims to identify the most relevant or visible outcomes in these 12 critical areas, from the perspective of women's rights activists, by gathering their opinions and recommendations of events on the specific impact of the Beijing Platform for Action. This feedback will be used to update the Global Feminist Journeys (GFJ) timeline. GFJ is a one of a kind global feminist digital timeline that was first launched to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the UN World Conference on Human Rights in Vienna where women’s rights were recognized as human rights. It was made to be an intergenerational virtual tool and resource for young feminists to understand historic moments in the international women's rights movement, which since its inception has been guided by a vision for equality and justice and characterized by persistent struggle, monumental progress and regression.

CWGL aims to add more entries to this timeline to capture leading examples of the impact of the Beijing Platform for Action. We are very eager to feature personal stories that can inspire young feminists and serve as encouragement for those looking to make a change as so many have done. Please read the current timeline entries and blog posts on to get a feel for the type of events and experiences that we want to highlight. Then, choose one or more critical area, based on your expertise and interest, and write a short text on one to two visible outcomes where the Beijing Platform for Action was used for advocacy, which make it a significant event and point out why. If highlighting a key event, feel free to provide a link to any corresponding sources. GFJ will be updated and expanded in rounds over the course of the next 12 months. The first round of updates will aim to showcase key milestones since 1995, in time for the regional reviews scheduled to take place in October – November, 2019.

If you have any documentation, memorabilia or images that you think would be of use to the Global Feminist Journeys' timeline to complement an entry or as a lesson or source of inspiration, please send it to us at All resources will be credited to the owner.

Please note that the deadline for the first round of submissions is SEPTEMBER 30th, 2019.

We can’t wait to hear from you!
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To Empower Women: The U.N. Women's Conference, Beijing China
To learn more about the Fourth World Conference on Women, visit
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1. Women and poverty
2. Education and training of women
3. Women and health
4. Violence against women
5. Women and armed conflict
6. Women and the economy
7. Women in power and decision-making
8. Institutional mechanisms
9. Human rights of women
10. Women and the media
11. Women and the environment
12. The girl child
If you have a personal story describing how the Beijing Platform for Action has inspired you and you would like to share, please fill out the space below (300 word limit).
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