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「香港蜻蜓」網站及Facebook群組問卷調查 Questionnaire on "HK Dragonfly" website and Facebook Group users

Hello, we are a group of students in the programme of Master of Science in Environmental Management at the University of Hong Kong, and would like to invite you to fill in this questionnaire to collect your opinions on the "HK Dragonfly" website and Facebook group. The "HK Dragonfly" website introduces the ecology of dragonflies and the dragonfly species of Hong Kong. "HK Dragonfly" Facebook is a platform for members to share photos, videos and information of dragonflies of Hong Kong, as well as initiating dragonfly-related activities. This is an anonymous survey. The information obtained is only for improving the website and the Facebook group, and writing school report.

網站鏈結 Link to website:
群組鏈結 Link to Facebook Group:
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1. 你本身對蜻蜓有多大興趣? How much are you interested in dragonflies? *
沒有興趣 Not at all
有點興趣 A bit
很感興趣 Quite
非常熱衷 Enthusiastic
興趣程度 Level of interest
2. 你認同這個網站能增加你對蜻蜓的興趣嗎? Do you agree this website could increase your interest towards dragonflies? *
3. 你會拍攝蜻蜓嗎?Would you take photos of dragonflies? *
4. 你認同這個網站能鼓勵你拍攝蜻蜓嗎? Do you agree this website can encourage you to take photos of dragonflies? *
5. 你可以辨認香港常見的蜻蜓物種嗎?Can you identify common species of dragonflies in Hong Kong? *
6. 你有使用這個網站來協助辨認蜻蜓嗎?Have you used this website for identifying dragonflies? *
7. 你有使用印刷的蜻蜓圖鑑來協助辨認物種嗎?(如沒有,可跳至第9條) Have you used printed field guide of dragonflies to identify species? (if no, skip to Q9) *
8. 你認同網站比印刷的蜻蜓圖鑑更方便使用嗎?Do you agree website is more convenient to use than printed field guide of dragonflies?
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9. 你認同這個網站 you recognize this website has *
非常不同意 Strongly disagree
不同意 Disagree
無意見 Neutral
同意 Agree
非常同意 Strongly agree
在版面設計上方便你瀏覽 a layout design convenient to browse
提供的圖片清晰 provided clear photos
提供的資料準確 provided accurate information
幫助你更快掌握相似種的辨認方法 helped you learn distinguishing species with similar appearance
令你學會更多蜻蜓物種的辨認特徵 helped you learn more identification tips of dragonfly species
幫助你獨自辨識蜻蜓物種 helped you identify dragonfly species by yourself
10. 對網站的其他意見:Other comments to the website
11. 你是否「香港蜻蜓」Facebook群組的成員?(如否, 可跳過以下問題) Are you a member of HK Dragonfly? (If no, skip the following questions) *
12. 你會否對群組其他成員的帖文按讚或表達心情?Would you “Like” or give “Reactions” to posts from other group members?
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13. 你會否回應群組其他成員的帖文?Would you reply to posts from other group members?
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14. 你會否在群組發帖?Would you publish any post in the group?
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15. 你認同「香港蜻蜓」Facebook群組能夠 You recognize the HK Dragonfly Facebook Group can
非常不同意 Strongly disagree
不同意 Disagree
無意見 Neutral
同意 Agree
非常同意 Strongly agree
鼓勵你拍攝及分享蜻蜓照片encourage you to take and share photos of dragonflies
提供關於香港蜻蜓的生態消息(如出沒時間及位置) provide news on Hong Kong dragonflies (e.g. when and where the species emerge)
幫助你去尋找蜻蜓 help you find dragonflies
幫助你辨識蜻蜓物種 help you identify dragonfly species
讓你學會更多蜻蜓物種的辨認特徵 allow you to learn more about identification tips on dragonfly species
令你認識更多愛好蜻蜓的朋友 allow you to make more friends who are also interested in dragonflies
幫助你交流拍攝蜻蜓的心得 help you exchange knowledge in photographing dragonflies
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16. 對Facebook群組的其他意見 Other comments to the Facebook Group
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