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Your responses to the following questions will help us improve the quality of the whole programme.
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Please indicate your response using the following scale:
Very poor
The Mentor is Knowledgeable.
The Mentor is helpful and available for consultation.
My overall evaluation of my mentor is positive.
My peers were of high standards and I learnt from them.
The group mentoring sessions were useful and I created positive relationships.
My overall evaluation of the mentoring process is positive and I gained valuable knowledge for my venture.
The objectives and expectations of the programme are clearly stated in the syllabus.
The expected learning objectives were met as stated in the syllabus.
The workload is appropriate and realistic.
The Fashion Project Tasks are relevant, useful and interesting.
The e-learning platform was easy to use and appropriate for the scope of the programme.
The programme materials and links shared in all social media and platform channels delivered are relevant, current, and effective.
I created important contacts and relationships during the programme.
The programme helped me in advancing my business endeavours.
The programme meets the demand of the labor market.
The programme offered me new opportunities, expanded my horizon and changed the way I think/behave.
Rate your overall satisfaction with the Module 1: Economics For Fashion .
Rate your overall satisfaction with the Module 2: Mobilizing Resources.
Rate your overall satisfaction with the Module 3: Supply Chains and Sustainable Supplies.
Rate your overall satisfaction with the Module 4: Curation, Aesthetics and Technology.
Rate your overall satisfaction with the Module 5: International Networking.
Clear selection
What were the strongest points of the Programme?
Please suggest any changes you think would improve this programme in the future.
Thank you for your cooperation
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