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Project iSWEST 2019 Student Application Form

If you are here, it means you are interested in participating in Project iSWEST 2019. Project iSWEST 2019 will run in Accra .

*Please Note:
The total cost for participation in the program is (GHc500) which comprises a registration fee (GHc250) and program fee (GHc250). The registration fee must be paid by ALL students. However, there will be partial or full scholarships to cover the program fee for students based on need. Only apply for a scholarship if you need it because your acceptance may depend on the availability of funds since there is limited funding.

To increase your odds of being selected, familiarize yourself with the vision, mission and values of Nsesa Foundation, as well as the goals and impact of Project iSWEST. Read more about Project iSWEST 2018 here before applying:

If at any point you have any problem with the application, please email or call 0508066747/0501359999.

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A reminder to be honest and only apply for a scholarship if you need it because your acceptance may depend on the availability of funds since there is limited funding available
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Kindly note that you will be required to pay the registration fee of Ghc250 regardless. Read the instructions above for clarification.
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