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Live with Variance - Application Form
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Welcome to the Live with Variance (Make a difference) application form !

Read through the following write-up to get an understanding about Live with Variance:

What is Live with Variance ?
Founder's journey is always mostly lonely specially a solopreneurs, ( me being one) this inspires me the best or at least like minded people, With this idea we conceptualised on how about getting a company who are like minded where you can openly share and learn from peers who are like minded which ranges from 2 month - 4 month. Batch (April-July, August-Nov, Dec-March)

Why is Live with Variance is only short term?
Since this a new concept, based on the responses we would be evaluating and will try to connect the relevant members together with a match criteria, During the stay if you find a right balance, we might lookout ways where the tenure can be longer. We are currently starting up with Gurgaon & South Delhi, So feel free to mention your preference we will notify you once we launch.

Live with Variance (An initiative of Team Variance) is India's only CURATED Co-Work-Cum-Living environment for startup-preneures, wanna-preneurs hustlers & Digital Nomads

What is this Live with Variance about?

Its is well CURATED Co-Work-Cum-Living environment for startup-preneurs, wanna-preneurs hustlers & Digital Nomads who likes to Express, Learn and be heard during the startup journey, while connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs.
*Seek Knowledge and Connections to Grow your Business and Referral Network: #TeamVConnect
*Attend EXCLUSIVE Networking events & CURATED Meetups designed around Solving your Problems: #teamvsessions

Team Variance Community brings you what we learned from online reading, articles, tutorials, resources, blogs and implementations. We collectively curate some of the best stories which may change the way millennials think and help create more entrepreneurs in India.

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How to become part of it?
Kindly fill this FORM Comprehensively.

We will NOTIFY you if your profile looks RELEVANT and can match your needs!

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