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Kindness Connection Partnership Form
This form should be completed by any community member who knows of an organization who be a good fit to partner with The Kindness Connection, either as a beneficiary of our projects or in a different capacity.
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Organization Name *
Relationship with the Organization? *
Why do you think this would be a good fit for TKC? *
Organization Details
This section is meant to collect details about the organization wishing to partner with the organization. If you do not have this information, please provide as much detail as possible and we will research whatever information is not complete.
Organization Website *
Contact Person
Contact Person ( would you like us to contact you, or do you have a connection within the organization, or shall we research who to contact)? *
Contact Phone Number
Please briefly explain the organization's mission and ongoing programs. *
Who is eligible to benefit from the organization?
What is the geographic area served? (if known)
Are any TKC members active in the organization?
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If yes, list their names and indicate if one or more TKC members are sponsoring this application:
How many individuals receive assistance annually? (if known)
Are there any items needed by the organization which can be delivered as a handmade gift? If so, what are some ideas?
For the gifts, what quantity and frequency would the organization need them, if known.
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