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Permaculture Design Questionnaire
We start all our design projects and consultations by asking you to fill out this questionnaire. Please involve all members of the household, especially in the creation of your goal statement!
PLEASE ALLOW 20-40 MINUTES TO FILL THIS OUT. You can also submit it partially completed and then edit it later.

Our designers will be looking at all of the following things when we get to your property:

*Solar orientation/obstructions *Altitude/Latitude *Prevailing Winds *Features/vegetation to retain *Special species * Vehicle/Materials access * Climate * Min/Max Temperature * USDA Zone * Rainfall/Surface water * Days Sun/Clouds * Microclimates/Topography

When you complete this questionnaire, we will receive an email alert and will contact you to schedule something!

This questionnaire is based on an original by The Resilience Hub / Portland Maine Permaculture

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What is your experience with Permaculture as a design process, set of skills, strategies or principles?
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