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Urban Thinkers Summit Application
****This application will be reviewed. We have limited spots, so please do apply as a serious candidate and write strong answers! Each question should have a short paragraph answer!****

Participants: We want participants to have a chance to discuss urban problems with mentors in the field, and work together on designing solutions to urban problems—projects that are related to the public good.

As we don't expect most participants to have experience in this topic we are open to people from all backgrounds interested in Urbanism and Sustainable Urban Development. We aspire for a enthusiastic group of participants that are interested in social impact and and making a change in the world. We want our participants to think about the city we need for a better future.We want participants to think about the city we need for a better future.

About our summit: Participants will have a chance to learn from mentors working in urban fields- a mix of academics and professionals. We envision a summit, a meeting of minds, with mentors and participants coming together to learn from each other about urban issues. Participants will choose mentors whose work they are interested in. The 10-12 mentors will be discussion leaders in small group discussions of 6-8 participants.

Throughout the discussion sessions, participants will move through small discussions and learn about different urban problems. After a break, participants will learn basic design thinking skills from design thinking mentors and work in groups on creating a pitch for a project that solves an urban problem discussed in the summit.

The top ideas will be pitched in front of the whole summit, and a small panel of judges will choose the best urban impact idea, who will win support for their project

Our conference is one day only. Are you available Friday, April 28th from 10-6? If you can only attend some hours, please list them under 'other'
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Which city are you from? (You can also talk about the city you live in or lived in for a long time. If you are not from a city, tell us about your town. ) Tell us about your city. What are some positives about your city? What problem would you like to see solved in your city? (* answer at least 7 sentences) *
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If you are a student, where do you study? What department?
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When you had to think about a better future for the world's cities, what do you think is the most important? (Answer 5-7 sentences) *
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Read the explanation of the summit and tell us what you hope to gain. (Answer 3-5 sentences) *
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