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Huskies Prosh Recruitment 2019!
Week 8, Semester 2 (16th- 20th September)
Let’s go Huskies!!!
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HUSKIES Prosh team is not affiliated with any club or society. We’re open to anyone and everyone!!!!! If you ever have questions just message any of the captains on Facebook :)
That’s Harry Southall,
Kayla Mackenzie,
Josh Arumets, and
Natalie Fenwick
What’s your prosh super power?
T shirt size? *
Dietary requirements?
How did you hear about Huskies?
What song(s) would you like to hear in our playlist throughout the week? *
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Transfer over that $35 to the Huskies account and you’ll officially be a Huski for 2019!
This covers the cost of shirts, printing, alcohol, food, and all the things us captains need to pay for to make your week the best of the year!

NAME: Kayla Mackenzie
BSB: 063 179
ACC: 1060 8141
e.g. Mackenzie/HUSKI

Any other questions, suggestions, or secrets? ;-)
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