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"Dear Trans Person"
Due to an absolutely wonderful turnout in responses and applications, ALL submissions have now been filled.  If you are still interested in taking part in similar projects like this, feel free to still submit interest and I will add you to the list to be notified of future opportunities inc letting you know should anyone need to withdraw from the project and a space become available! Sendin luv to all. xox

(However, pls don't loose hope. I have a lot more projects planned where I would like to feature a variety of trans, non binary and gender non conforming people! Keep an eye out on my Instagram (@frogb0i) and website, for more future opportunities! ♡
This is the submission of interest form for "Dear Trans Person - A Queer audio poetry project".
The project aims to combine audio/visual recordings of trans, non binary & gender non conforming people reading words from the poem “Dear Trans Person” written by Frogb0i.

The project is a way to archive our individuality and share a message of positive affirmation to trans/nb people & create a lil spark of queer connection in these strange lockdown times.
The finished video compilation will be edited and published in time for Christmas 2020; as a reminder to trans, non binary & gender non conforming ppl in the festive season (that can be tough for many of us), that we are loved and important.
                                                                         Submission Guidelines:
♡ Must be over 18 and identify as trans, non binary or gender non conforming within the lgbtqia+ community to submit. (18/21 submissions have now been filled. The remaining 3 slots are reserved for those who identify as non binary and/or trans femme/trans women.)
♡ There is no geography limitations and submissions are open worldwide!
♡ Submissions are open until all lines in the poem have been allocated, and audio/videos collected.
♡ Submission deadline for videos is 14th December 2020.

♡ Once you have submitted the interest form, regardless of being successful/unsuccessful you will be contacted before the submission deadline! So keep a beady eye peeled for that virtual post!
Name & Pronouns: *
Age: (you don't have to disclose if u don't wanna it just helps with inclusivity demographics) *
Gender: (if multiple select however you identify) *
How would you like to submit? *
Email address (to receive the "Dear Trans Person" Poem) If you would rather be contacted via Instagram DM if your email is not your prefered name etc link ur handle here :) *
Do you have anything you would like to share alongside your submission? (i.e do you have a ongoing fundraiser link or business/self promote ur socials?) *
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