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BPI of The Month
This form is for those wishing to honor themselves or someone they know with the injury for all they have done and accomplished. You can choose to do this by writing something about them or yourself or even submitting something you/they do that is special! As "BPI of The Month" you or the person you nominate to be put as "BPI of The Month" will be posted to UBPN's social media accounts. It will also be written in you e-blast sent out every few months.
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Name of desired BPI of The Month you would like to nominate (if you are requesting yourself to be the BPI of the month that is more than fine! just write your name again here again): *
Attach you or your nominee's work here: *
What does BPI mean to you? How has it impacted your life either being injured or knowing someone who is affected? *
Why did you choose to submit this as you or your nominee's creative? *
Tell us a bit about you or your nominee! (Name, favorite color, age, favorite thing to do?) *
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To be chosen as "BPI of The Month" please know that you will be popsted to many if not all of our social media accounts. it will be posted in our e-blast as an article. To acknowledge this, and give us concent to port your submittion please accept.
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