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Stepney Elementary Student Survey
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What grade are you in? *
In my school, adults teach me how to express my emotions in healthy ways, *
I feel like I get to make choices and have a voice in my learning. *
I feel like there are people at my school who understand me as a person. *
How often do you see a student treat another student unkindly at your school? *
Students in my school feel left out. *
The students in my school like each other. *
There are groups of students in my school who exclude others and make them feel bad for not being a part of the group. *
How excited would you be to have your teacher again? *
My bus ride to and from school is generally a pleasant experience.
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When needed, I get support from an adult. *
Overall, how much do you feel like you belong at your school? *
I feel physically safe in school. *
I feel socially/emotionally safe in school. *
In my school, there are clear rules against hurting other people (for example, hitting, pushing, or tripping). *
I have seen students being hurt at school more than once by other students (for example: pushed, slapped, punched, or beaten up). *
If a student is being treated unkindly, the student knows how to get help. *
Students at my school will try to stop students from making fun of other students. *
Students in this school respect differences in other students (for example, if they are a boy or girl, where they come from, what they believe). *
Please provide any additional comments. How do you feel about being a student at Stepney Elementary? What can we do to make Stepney Elementary even better?
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