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Game Day Spring 2015 Equipment Lending form
Please help us out at Game Day by lending us your games, systems, controllers, or TVs so we can have as much fun as possible! We can offer moving aid if you have a lot or live far away.
Name *
Phone *
What Consoles are you willing to bring?
Any console you want, even multiples of the same system is fine.
How many controllers/peripherals are you willing to bring?
Please list the type and quantity of controllers you can bring, separated by commas. Ex: #x Controller type/peripheral
What games are you willing to bring?
List the name, and console of the game please.
Is there any other gaming equipment you would like to bring?
Older/obscure consoles or games?
Are you bringing a PC/laptop? *
If yes, please list the model/specifics
Give us some details so we can identify your equipment easier
Are you bringing a TV/Monitor? *
Make sure it is something we can use for game consoles. Not every monitor works for everything.
If you are bringing multiple TV/monitors, how many are you bringing?
Do you need help moving your equipment? *
If yes, please list your campus address or off-campus address
Additional notes about your equipment
Is there anything else you think we need to know?
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