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Davidscloud Staff Application
Thank you for considering becoming part of the staff team of Davidscloud, extra hands are always appreciated!
Before you apply, please consider the following:

Are you eligible?
-If you are under 18 and/or do not have a high school diploma or GED then Davidscloud can not accept your application.
-Must have a base understanding of how to handle admin commands in the game you apply to. Practice in single player and check out wiki resources first before applying so you are sure you're up for the job.
-You can not have more than one strike against Davidscloud community and/or game rules that apply.
-Must be a team player. Our admins lookout for the community by looking out for each other.
-We need people familiar with our community. If you have just found us, please do not apply and get to know the community first.

About the application:
-Please be as clear as possible and stick to facts. Answers like "I'm a fast learner" or "I love helping people" are not acceptable answers.
-Do not try to curry favor by praising the servers or staff. This will not help your cause and possibly lead to rejection of the application.
-Past or future donations to the community have no impact on your eligibility as staff. Do not make a donation just to curry favor for your application. Do not promise donations in exchange for a position.

I've applied what now?
-If your application is accepted you will be contacted for an interview. The interviews can normally take up to an hour so please make sure you have set aside an appropriate time.
-Life can get busy so please allow for one week before inquiring about your application or interview results.
-In case you are accepted as a staff member, you will be kept under a trial period of 2 weeks. During this time staff members shall evaluate your performance. All admin command usage is monitored. You will be expected to maintain reports on your usage. If necessary, at any time your admin privileges can be revoked without warning or reason given. Keep in mind we understand mistakes happen and it never hurts to ask before acting.

Have any questions about this application? Feel free to ask a community administrator or officer.
By submitting an application you are agreeing that all information provided is accurate and that you meet all of the eligibility requirements.
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