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The USY Israel Affairs team is proud to present our newest project, "Yotzrim B'Yahad" meaning "creating together", a chapter based project aimed at helping our leaders with or without titles create Israel programming for their Kehilot (communities) together with the greater USY international community.

This project was created to provide a platform where the ideas and thoughts of regular USYers can flourish without needing to have a title on the regional or international levels. Reaching out to our USYers on the chapter level and those who do not have any positions at all empowers regular USYers to build their communities and make USY an even better place then it already is.

Firstly, participants will be contacted by an IA IGB member to talk about the idea or theme they would like to explore in more detail.

Then based on those conversations, participants will be placed into larger shared interest groups. The small groups will take part in four more sessions with an IGB member, establishing a single common theme based on a culmination of everyone's initial thoughts and ideas.

Finally, in the final sessions the group will translate their shared vision into tangible programming that each member can take back and use in their communities.

Participants will be expected to put 100% of their effort into each of these 5 or so total sessions. Yotzrim B'Yahad will run from October to December.

*Please note that regional executive, sub regional, divisional executive, international executive, and international general board members cannot participate in Yotzrim B'Yahad*

Sign up submissions are DUE BY OCTOBER 12th at the latest so get yours in today!

What is a topic that you want to explore when it comes to Israel? (ex. the rabbinate, druze israelis, teens going into army service etc...) There is no word limit; it should be as long or as short as you think is necessary. Have fun!
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